Monday, January 28, 2008

Some stuff.........

I really should write something interesting on my blog one day - then it might make for an interesting read -but at the moment I just want to go to bed I think. Promise I'll write something wonderfully witty next time I'm on.
This is my example LO for Bons CC which started tonight - check out the sketch in the gallery. And just having a play with the new Hey Sugar pp's - this is my little Claire bear getting extra brave by getting in the deep end of the pool with no floatie - have you any idea the fear in her here??LOL
And I didn't know if I'd put these on before, so sorry if I have - these are Claire's canvases for her room - yay - don't blame me if she gets middle child sydrome just because everyone else in the whole house got her and she came last for no apparent reason!!

Anyway - see you all later! (LOL - my eternal optimism that more than one person should ever read this blog!!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wanna be on a design team??

Head on over to Bons' and register - and be on her FABBO design team. I know it's fabulous because I'm on it!!lol. Oh - and Sheree................

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Just sharing my jack of Kim Archer for January

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Not really anything exciting....

Bradley has gone fishing overnight so I've been scrapping away and it feels great!!
We had a fabulous christmas with all the family up here even though the temperatures were sky high - the pool got a workout with all the kids!!LOL
Now here's some LO's - here's my 1,2,3 LO - to use red, use a scalpel and to make the title part of your journalling This was one to use paint, chipboard and something else which I can't remember!lol
And another - a review of 2007 - I should do this more often as it would be so interesting to read back - just simple things even like your fave movie of the year and stuff thats relevant to the time.
My scruffy boy with his new favourite toy (well, this was after his birthday anyway!! Christmas has been since then)
And a challenge to use pink, ribbon, your own handwriting and alphabets
I'd stop and chat more but I'm making the most of hubby-free time and I'm getting back to my scrapping desk!!lol