Monday, April 21, 2008

KSK Auction

If you would like a LO scrapped by any of the highly talented KSK design - check out this auction and all the proceeds go to the ATHSMA foundation - a great cause and a great idea to go check out the auction!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


and a quick share of some LO's. My mum has been up for a visit for the past week so I haven't done any scrapping - but my scrap space is sparkling!!LOL
Ok - quickly the LO's - this is done using the girl kit at Bon's Scraps which was gorgeous - but they were too gorgeous for their own good and were sold out sooo quickly.
and this one of my Dad.
Ok - onto my big news which is a little bit delayed and some of you would already know - but I was so excited to get an email from Karen at Karen's Scrappin Kupboard asking me to join her design team!!
I am so excited to be able to accept and can't wait to get started - still finding my feet a little bit but no doubt will be fully into the swing of it.

The kids really loved having their 'other' nana here for a bit. We packed everything up and went camping. Mum and I were trying to set the 2 room tent up and not being exactly the Alby Mangels we needed to be (did Alby even use a tent, come to think of it??) we were laughing so hard by the end of it that we couldn't hold the tent poles up and Mum was actually in pain - it was the funniest thing!! If only we had the video camera ................omg I'm giggling to myself thinking about it. Good thing "Thank God you're Here" is on so I fit fight in.
So anyway (no, story is NOT over yet!!) about 5 mins after we decided the tent might actually stay up without one of us holding it all night - and 5 MINS - I KID YOU NOT - we felt a spot of rain. Then roughly 10 mins after we had the tent up a thunderstorm hit - and omg - small petrified boy was more than enough to make me quickly take him home (we were only 1 km from home) and then another bit of the storm hit so we quickly had to go back and rescue Nana and the girls. I think I have scarred 2 of my children for life as the next day when we went back to the tent, Darcy was petrified we'd make him go inside - so funny!! Nice mother arent' I?? Well, I am cos I didn't make him go inside - so that makes me nice.
SO anyway - the tent is STILL up in the paddock and we didn't get to go camping - but it was all good.

First day of footy/hockey tomorrow - hopefully I live through it. Actually game day is usually ok, however if I want to move any part of my body on Sunday that could prove to be a problem............... I think I'm going to be a half-back tomorrow (for anyone that knows hockey) so that should be great. I love half-back. I'd also love to be fit enough to play it - but I will try my very best, run hard and then after that 5 mins is over, I shall go and sit on the sidelines in the shade!!LOL.

Anyway, I have waffled enough for this one lil blog post - sorry if you've made it this far expecting more, but by now you should know me!!LOL . This is as good as it gets.

Anyway - off to watch "TGYH" - love that show. Have a great weekend and feel free to feel sorry for me on Sun (or sat at about 1.05pm - game starts at 1!!LOL)


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Really with pictures (plural) this time!!

Do you know what? It has been so long since it blogged (not my fault, but we are not going into that are we blogger??LOL) that I forgot my password - how funny is that. Also I have a terrible memory at stuff like that so maybe (just maybe) that was to blame................
So much has been going on since last time I blogged - I went to the Boxx retreat which was down in Augusta and what a fantastic time - it was great to catch up with everyone - Sheree, Kate, Kel, Leeann - oh just everyone that was there last time - and the new people I met. It was great to meet Miranda - and also to meet Mel Nunn who's work I adore - I did both her classes. She was an absolute blast.
I went through a huge guilt thing on the way down and nearly turned around 2 hours into the trip - but Bradley convinced me the kids would be fine- and as it turned out, they were - and Claire only got teary on the last night.
Ok - some's one I did for a comp - vey simple but I like it. And this one - for the same comp too! And hey, Belinda - there's my easel - spunky huh??
And Bon's Cybercrop in on at the moment - entries are due midnight Sun (I think!). My challenge was to use a sketch (LO example below) and to use something old which was my photo turns.
And not for much reason at all - and hope neither of mine or Bradley's mother reads my blog (highly unlikely) - here is a card I made. Have been in such a card-making frenzy at the moment - I think I'm made 12 in the last week. WOW:O - normally I wait til 5 mins before I have to post one before I make one - so now I"m organised............ish.
Oh - and this one is for another comp - a LO of our humungous scorpion - look at the size of this thing - well, it freaked us out nicely
And on 'other news' - I finally got a laptop and I LOVE IT!!!YAY. I'm sitting here in the loungeroom with the kids watching cartoons and it's so cool. Even the wireless router thingo for the satellite broadband was really easy to install - I thought that would be the tricky bit but YAY me - I did it.

Anyway - I've got more stuff to upload so I'll finish this post and write more when I upload more.
Hope you all had a happy easter - oh yeah, Easter - better write about that too just for posterity...........we had a really nice one