Sunday, December 30, 2007

CC on tonight........

Just a quick post to let you know that Bon's Scraps CC starts tonight!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just like to clarify...........

Now I know that this is the second time in about as many posts that I've shown this LO - but I've just looked at my copy of my SM Masters mag and am astounded at the colour difference with which they have printed my LO - now this is the REAL colour And this is what it looks like in the mag!! Not even close and those bright colours aren't really me!! The Heidi Swapp ledger alpha looks GREEN in the mag!!lol
Anyway - not complaining about the HM but just don't even like the LO in the mag and I love my one in real life!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some more Masters entry.......

LOL - I went to upload the rest of my masters entry but realised I must've deleted the pics off the computer so I've only got my double left on here - I'll upload my mini-album and storage item later when I've got more time!
OH - and this is a christmas challenge.......seems to be the season
Anyway - I'm so looking forward to christmas and so better get on with organising.
You all have a fabulous christmas, won't you??
And I'll just leave you with this I read on Roz' blog.

A woman was Christmas shopping with her two children. After many hours of walking down row after row of toys, and of hearing both her children asking for everything they saw on those many shelves, she finally made it to the elevator with her two children in hand.
She was feeling what so many of us feel during the holiday season time of the year; the need to get the perfect gift for every single person on our shopping list, the overwhelming pressure to go to every party, to taste all the holiday food and treats, to make sure we don’t forget anyone on our card list, and the pressure of making sure we respond to everyone who sent us a card.
Finally the elevator doors opened revealing a crowd on the public transport. She pushed her way in and dragged her two kids and all her bags of stuff in with her. As the doors closed she couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out, “Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up, and shot.” From the back of the bus, a quiet, calm voice responded, “Don’t worry, we’ve already crucified Him.” The rest of the trip was so quiet you could of heard a pin drop.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good day!!

It's been a fantastic day, scrapping-wise!! First I got an acceptance from Scrapbook Creations for one of my For Keeps elite entries, so was happy about that!!
Then found out I won one of the Scrapjacked prizes for last month............and here's my one for this month - of Sarah Van Wijck, of whom I'm a big fan anyway. This is a jack of her 'space' LO that was in FK a while back. (and this is just coincidentally a quick little frame I made for a christmas decoration - also inspired by Sarah!)
And...................apparently some people have got their Scrapbooking Memories Masters mags early and so the masters have been named BUT I got an honourable mention!! Yay me. Now, I have no idea which part of my entry this was for, and I was asked by a friend to put my entry on my blog - so here's a bit of it.
This is my single LO
Stay tuned for the rest...............

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Long time, no see

It's been a while since blogger would let me post pics so now I can upload a few................
But a quick update on my life - Sharon (my sister) is coming tomorrow - I think, anyway. Just heard via the family grapevine that her plane didn't get in on Friday like it was supposed to. Nothing to worry about but didn't know, thats all - so don't know if that will delay her getting up here at all.
So that means Matt is leaving with her when she goes on Tuesday - he's been working up here on the station for a bit of a different view on life but don't think it's helped much!! Especially at the moment when there's not much work on.
Oh - and we're officially charity cases!! Due to the drought, all primary producers in this area are given a hamper of christmas goodies! So we got this massive bag of food, drink, christmas pudding, custard - and even christmas decorations and presents!! It feels funny to be in that position, but it IS actually really nice to know that someone cares that farmers are really struggling at the moment.
And the funniest thing is that Bradley has been shearing with a mate - who was given a christmas pudding from the church earlier - and so there has been no end of hassling about "at least he has a christmas pudding" and we have nothing!! So when we got the hamper I had to ring Bradley and go "Stop hassling Jumps - we got one too!!".
And apparently on the front page of the West Australian in the last couple of days there has been an article on how Christmas hams are being delivered to Morawa farmers - front page!! I bet Jumps gets one because he's been in the West a few times this year, with the hard time they are going through.
Anyway - thats me in a nutshell (doesn't that remind you of that Austin Powers line "No, THIS is me in a nutshell") School's finished so now we have 8 days of swimming lessons - perfect time for the cold weather to come in - it never fails!!LOL
Here's Madison's sports day earlier in the year (this LO is for her album in case you're wondering why I do some photos twice!!) And here's some LO's from the Dec Boy kit at Bon's - I seriously love this kit and might need to get anothery - LOL!!
This one is a LO of me trying to take a pic of Darcy but he was so excited that Santa gave him "Scoop" (from Bob the Builder) that that is all he would show me when I held up the camera
And this is of the girls when they went to Geraldton for a Playschool concert this year.
And these are the cards I made for all the kindy teachers

Monday, November 26, 2007

Want a challenge?

Bon's Scraps cybercrop is on at the moment - you have til Sun 2nd Dec (midnight) to get your entries in ................and this is mine. You have to use this sketch to do a LO AND A CARD!! I'm really doing you a favour by giving you a kick start on your chrissy cards if you haven't already done so!! Here's my example - of my brother's family - aren't they cute?? I'm loving those Buzz & Bloom stamps from Bon's!! I've used them so much in the past few days. (you can check them out here)
And I've had this Hambly transparency for a couple of months but was stumped as to what I was going to use it for - so I thought I'd try a card - and I love it so much I made another one!!
All these cards are made using the sketch.

A $20 voucher is up for grabs - just think - you could get put it towards your own Buzz & Bloom stamps!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So far, so good.....

Blogger is letting me post both text AND pictures!! Will wonders never cease?? Now to be brief before it figures out I'm mocking it and to just get on with posting my stuff........
Now this one was done for a challenge set by "my colleague" - Charm Koch - the star she is!!
To use some kind of fabric (mine is lace), to use pattererned paper from at least 2 diff manufacturers and to put the date on. This is old one of Madison on christmas day 2005. And this is my mini-album in this months SM (or by now - it might even be last months!!LOL) I have 2 things in that mag but I just really liked the way they photographed this one - so thought I'd show it.
And this one was done using a sketch by the highly talented Louise Nelson
And this is my 1,2,3 chall for this month - to use no cardstock, make your own embellishment (the chipboard frame) and to journal on the photo.
And some fun news yesterday - I got an email from Krys at Scrapbooking Memories asking if I'd like to do a product challenge for them. Very cool - they send you the stuff to use AND pay you as well!!
As to the home front - Madison has had such bad conjunctivitis - she's been home from kindy for a week now and her eyes are still so red and sensitive to light. The poor little thing has been really brave though - she spent 2 whole days without opening her eyes - she must've been so bored!! She kept falling asleep - but I think that was more to do with having to have her eyes shut all the time rather than 'real' tiredness.
It's going around like wildfire at the moment and I'm surprised Claire and Darcy haven't got it yet - but I'm sooooooo hoping they don't.
Bradley is harvesting for another farmer at the moment andthe crops are really crappy - don't know how he can concentrate for so long when he's harvesting so close to the ground. And here's my brother down south harvesting 19 bags crops which is so fantastic it's unbelievable!
Anyway - should really get off this thing and do something - oh, but hope to see you at Bons' Scraps cybercrop on the weekend. There's bound to be some fab challenges - and excellent prizes. Remember for the challenges it's a $20 voucher!!
And we've been putting next months kits together too - which are looking sooo fantastic I think I'm going to have to buy all of them.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just deleting......

this post because the pics didn't work!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NEW Buzz & Bloom Stamps

Look at these fabulous new stamps that I'm getting from Bons' - brand new stock and only Bons has gone them in at the moment, so if you want some you'll have to get on over there - before they sell out - in fact I think there's only one left of these date ones - already - and they only went up on site this morning!!
I sooo can;t wait to get them!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I was going to upload some stuff today - a couple of LO's I really love, but they were accepted by SC today so I won't put them up here.
This is just a quick post - as you will soon find out when you very quickly get to the end of it - to say if you have done a LO lately that you'd like to share - get on over to Bon's and upload it before midnight tonight and I will send you a RAK in the mail. Yep, I will send a RAK to EVERYONE that uploads to Bon's by midnight tonight. So get cracking!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Bon's Kits!!

Do yourself a favour and get over to Bon's and grab one - or ALL - of these kits. They are brilliant value at only $31.95 with nearly $40 worth of stuff in them. There's a BOY kit, a GIRL kit and a BRIGHT kit.
Here's what I did with the girl kit........ Now the kit doesn't include kraft cardstock but I'm just showing here how verstile it is - as everything but the kraft, is from the kit
And anothery......
And a card or 2 for good measure!!

Will be more talkative later.............

Monday, November 5, 2007

But wait, there's more..........

Bit of an overload but I just wanted to share - and it's nice to share!!LOL
Ok - the theme for this month over at Bon's is "remember this" in honour or remembrance day. Now it's doesn't have to be anything about war, but just remembering times past.
That theme, and the fact my printer still hadn't arrived gave me the perfect excuse to scrap this photo of Bradley as a baby. What a cutie *cough* boofhead* he was!! And the paper of the month at Bons this month is another one which was good for me as it's Fancy Pants Sweet Pea "Claire" - for my little sweet pea, Claire bear. Again, using older photos due to $%#&^#* printer.
This is a LO about the drought affecting everyone in this area - this one is called "Too little, too late" (just telling you that because the title is really small), because of the rain coming over an already dead crop. The journalling is just about how crippling the drought is, year after year, and how there are so many farmers that are (in the words of Missy Higgins) at the end of the fight.
And anothery - old one again (photo that is) and VERY dodgy night time shot as I just wanted to get the photo. Was for a monchromatic challenge - in case you were wondering why so pink??
And yet another older photo - for a black and white challenge - so tempted to chuck a dash of colour on there somewhere!! But I like it.
Thanks for reading this far - or more to the point, looking.
Had some eventful things happen - the power has been off for a bit but is back on now. Have had a few more mag acceptances - 2 for SC and one for FK which is cool. And my "Middle Child Syndrome" LO should be in the current FK - the LO they left out before!! So hope I get my contributors copy as I didn't buy it the other day that I went into the newsagent. That reminds me - better tell Mum I'm in there.
Ni-night people xx


Ok - got lots of LO's to share seeing as I haven't been much into sharing lately!!LOL (blame blogger!!)
Anyway - got a nice little pizza box today with my 'thanks but no thanks' LO's from my For Keeps Awards for Excellence entry!! But it was minus 2 LO's which is a good thing - one is being published in issue number 'I'd remember if I had any sort of memory' but I know it's in the 'Holidays' gallery as I'm going to have 2 Lo's in the same gallery (same holiday too!!LOL Seeing as we've only had one proper family holiday). This one I really like - simple, like me!!
Oh and on the simple note, it's confirmed that I am - as I had a another LO accepted for the "simple" gallery in a mag (SC I think - see told you my memory was shot!! Or else I'm just a bit simple) And this one was for the FK entry too - of my coot little Darcy butt.
And this one - this was to show multiple photos - but didnt help!!LOL. Still I like them.
And this one was for a challenge using opposite sided colours on a colour wheel - so I thought what better to do than red and green?? Just to get in the mood of the season............I love christmas - bring it on, I say!!
Oh and this one was my last entry into a photo challenge - this months one was sunsets and there was NOT ONE good sunset all Oct plus I didn't want to scrap a mediocre sunset seeing as we get such good ones out here so I kind of just went with the 'stationy' look - more about the mood rather than the sunset.

Anyway, i've got more Lo's to share and I dont know how to fit more photos in one post so I'm off to make another post....................wait right there...................

Friday, November 2, 2007

OMG - it worked!!

This blog hadn't let me on it for nearly a week now - and then when it did for a bit it wouldn't let me do pics - but so far so good.........
Ok - Bon's cc started last weekend and this is my challenge- all you have to do is USE THIS SKETCH and you could win a $20 voucher at Bons' - how cool is that? That's a fair bit, you know - or you could put it towards one of the funky new kits over there that were launched yesterday - I love them and they are fantastic value - only $31.95 for nearly $40 worth of stuff. Oh - and here's my example of the sketch - it's a funky little one thats' really fun to do
and this is just showing you how it's seethrough where the Hambly overlay is
and another close up just cos I like the swirl!!LOL
Ok - will post again soon with other LO's I've been doing too.........

Having blogger issues........

so this is just a trial to see if this will post........

Monday, October 22, 2007

I really need to do some scrapping.........

so that I have something more interesting to share!!LOL Haven;t done much but here's some canvases I finally did for Madison's room to do Claire's And here's my 1,2,3 entry for this month - I had to use this photo as it was the only 6x8" photo I had (due to printer still not being here!!) so then I had to use hearts and pink chipboard - and it;s so hard to make school photos look undorky!! But this is ok - turned out better than I thought

Not much else to report - although there is some FUN stuff going to be happening in the shop over at Bons in November (hopefully launching on the 1st but we'll see, just in case there's delays on some products) - I CAN'T WAIT - it's going to be awesome!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Foxy mumma.......

is a legend!!! I got this LO in the mail today from Leeann - who scrapped these pics for me out of the scraps I sent her. Boy, it felt mean sending all odds and sods in an envelope and the expecting a LO out of it - and look what she did!! I love this LO - so funky and so Leeann. Thanks so much - I ADORE it!! Just showing a close up cos I love the little photo - love that sepia look!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Still having printer fun.........

And now I don't know if it IS the printer or if it's my computer - so I don't want to fork out money for a new printer and then find out it wasn't the problem after all!! Anyway, I don't want to talk about it anymore........
Here's a LO of Madison's first sports day - she was so excited
And this is a LO about static electricity!!LOL
Madison's birthday party Lo for my album........
And a LO for Madison's album........
This was done from a sketch and you had to use pink and brown
Hmmmm, you think I'd think up something interesting to say wouldn't you?? But I've been doing this post for about an hour and a half now (in little fits and starts) so I'd better publish it before darcy somes along and wipes it all off!!