Thursday, November 22, 2007

So far, so good.....

Blogger is letting me post both text AND pictures!! Will wonders never cease?? Now to be brief before it figures out I'm mocking it and to just get on with posting my stuff........
Now this one was done for a challenge set by "my colleague" - Charm Koch - the star she is!!
To use some kind of fabric (mine is lace), to use pattererned paper from at least 2 diff manufacturers and to put the date on. This is old one of Madison on christmas day 2005. And this is my mini-album in this months SM (or by now - it might even be last months!!LOL) I have 2 things in that mag but I just really liked the way they photographed this one - so thought I'd show it.
And this one was done using a sketch by the highly talented Louise Nelson
And this is my 1,2,3 chall for this month - to use no cardstock, make your own embellishment (the chipboard frame) and to journal on the photo.
And some fun news yesterday - I got an email from Krys at Scrapbooking Memories asking if I'd like to do a product challenge for them. Very cool - they send you the stuff to use AND pay you as well!!
As to the home front - Madison has had such bad conjunctivitis - she's been home from kindy for a week now and her eyes are still so red and sensitive to light. The poor little thing has been really brave though - she spent 2 whole days without opening her eyes - she must've been so bored!! She kept falling asleep - but I think that was more to do with having to have her eyes shut all the time rather than 'real' tiredness.
It's going around like wildfire at the moment and I'm surprised Claire and Darcy haven't got it yet - but I'm sooooooo hoping they don't.
Bradley is harvesting for another farmer at the moment andthe crops are really crappy - don't know how he can concentrate for so long when he's harvesting so close to the ground. And here's my brother down south harvesting 19 bags crops which is so fantastic it's unbelievable!
Anyway - should really get off this thing and do something - oh, but hope to see you at Bons' Scraps cybercrop on the weekend. There's bound to be some fab challenges - and excellent prizes. Remember for the challenges it's a $20 voucher!!
And we've been putting next months kits together too - which are looking sooo fantastic I think I'm going to have to buy all of them.


  1. Congratulations on the publications and on getting the commissioned piece.

    Beautiful layouts as always.

  2. Wooohooo Fran thats awesome.... will look forward in seeing your Lo feature!!.... Love all your Lo's... so into the spots pp.... totally rocks...

  3. love your pages Fran. Congrats on the mag pub and being asked to do a mag chal.

  4. FABULOSO AS ALWAYS!! :) :) :)

    Lou :)

  5. Gorgeous work Fran... love the mini book you have published!