Sunday, December 28, 2008

Annas Dec Sketch

Yes, I'm a bit behind with the sketch this month - but there's still time to enter if you have a whole bunch of new scrapping supplies sitting there that you may have got for christmas!
This, however, is NOT my take on the sketch......thats down the bottom of the post - LOL.
This is a banner (hope I haven't uploaded this before) that I made using those Collections chipboard clipboards - I LOVE them so made this banner and clipped photos underneath taken throughout the year - and then I will change them every year.

HERE'S the sketch! Another great one from Becky Fleck PageMaps.
And this is my take on it - and EVERYTHING on this LO is from Anna's. (it's kind of like a 'mini' take on the sketch in case you're wondering too.........)

And don't these photos look familiar?LOL. Well, not to you as the photo is probably too small but these are the photos I took off my banner now that I've taken it down so figured I'd scrap them very simply using the new Pink Paislee Sweet Cakes paper from Anna's. Love this yellow as a background paper.

So grab some photos and enter that sketch challenge - awesome prize of a $35 voucher including free postage.
Oh - and I've already scrapped heaps of my Cocos photos so will share that in a bit too. I did one page as a project that FK (Creative Papercraft - still can't get used to the new name!LOL) asked me to do and I love it but now I can't share it.:(.lol
Oh - and YAY - apparently I won an Award for Excellence in FK's comp! Don't know which LO it's for but figure the mag will make it's way out here to the outback soon enough! Congrats to friends that also got awards - Jolene Pienaar, Tatum Woodroffe and Christine Rumley! Sorry if I missed someone but I don't actually know who got all the awards yet.
And of course - huge congrats to Mel Nunn who made the Elite team.
Rambled long enough? I think so......................

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We're back - and Merry Christmas!!

Just a really quick post before I go to bed and Santa arrives!! SO exciting!!
We are back from Cocos and had an amazing time!
Here's some pics.
This is the beach in front of my sisters house..... Some of the 15 trillion coconut trees on the islands!

Down at the south end of West Island

My sisters outdoor setting - look where we had coffee every morning! What a view

Oh - the kids LOVED these - they came out in the hundreds every night to eat of the cat bowl and stuff!!LOL. So funny - so many of them!

Anyway - I'm off to bed so wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS for tomorrow.
Night xx

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Masters stuff

How did I manage to upload these all around the wrong way?LOL. So start at the bottom and work your way up!
The masters mag is out apparently - although I haven;t seen it and I was told I got 2 honourable mentions for my double (blah - I didn't like it that much) and my single.
Here's my keepsake which I loved - I've been meaning to do it for ages and it's a disc with all "our songs" on it - songs that we travelled around America too, songs I listened to when I was pregnant with each child and so on............
And this is my calendar which can be perpetual - so you just move all the blocks around - and each person has their 'face' on their birthday.

Congrats to the girls who got Masters - some awesome names in that list!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas photo shoot

Seeing as I had uploaded last years christmas card photo shoot LO, thought I'd better prove I'm NOT THAT far behind in my photos - LOL!. This is this years............


OK - just another quick share - this one I did for a sketch last month over at Scrapbook Shelf. And this is my Puzzle sketches attempt this month.
And just sharing some other ones that I didn't know if I had or not due to being published. This one was for a challenge SM gave me to scrap a wedding LO without using white.

And these 2 were in SC - this sunset one is nearly 14 months old!LOL

Not long now til we go to Cocos - have pretty much packed and hopefully am all organised - PLENTY of stuff for the kids to do on the plane - hope they cope okay with it!(And hope I do too!LOL).