Monday, December 8, 2008


OK - just another quick share - this one I did for a sketch last month over at Scrapbook Shelf. And this is my Puzzle sketches attempt this month.
And just sharing some other ones that I didn't know if I had or not due to being published. This one was for a challenge SM gave me to scrap a wedding LO without using white.

And these 2 were in SC - this sunset one is nearly 14 months old!LOL

Not long now til we go to Cocos - have pretty much packed and hopefully am all organised - PLENTY of stuff for the kids to do on the plane - hope they cope okay with it!(And hope I do too!LOL).


  1. Great layouts Fran! LOVE your puzzle sketches LO!

  2. Loving your layouts! The sunset is stunning!! Great to see some of your LO - your style is fab and very inspiring! Now to find some time to scrap.

  3. You've blown me away again Fran, love all of these layouts especially that stunning sunset.

    Do you teach classes??? I need to learn how you do these. lol