Friday, November 9, 2007

Bon's Kits!!

Do yourself a favour and get over to Bon's and grab one - or ALL - of these kits. They are brilliant value at only $31.95 with nearly $40 worth of stuff in them. There's a BOY kit, a GIRL kit and a BRIGHT kit.
Here's what I did with the girl kit........ Now the kit doesn't include kraft cardstock but I'm just showing here how verstile it is - as everything but the kraft, is from the kit
And anothery......
And a card or 2 for good measure!!

Will be more talkative later.............


  1. Hi Fran, I didn't know you had a blog but I saw FranT on Kylie Bailey's blog and thought I'd pop in! Love your work!!!
    Moira aka Moi

  2. Love 'em! I've seen them in her shop - they look great!

  3. you have done an awesome job with the kit Fran love all your work I have some on the way looking forward to seeing what I can do