Monday, October 22, 2007

I really need to do some scrapping.........

so that I have something more interesting to share!!LOL Haven;t done much but here's some canvases I finally did for Madison's room to do Claire's And here's my 1,2,3 entry for this month - I had to use this photo as it was the only 6x8" photo I had (due to printer still not being here!!) so then I had to use hearts and pink chipboard - and it;s so hard to make school photos look undorky!! But this is ok - turned out better than I thought

Not much else to report - although there is some FUN stuff going to be happening in the shop over at Bons in November (hopefully launching on the 1st but we'll see, just in case there's delays on some products) - I CAN'T WAIT - it's going to be awesome!!


  1. Those canvases look fantastic Fran!! AND you've given me an idea for school photos....what a great post!!

  2. Those canvases look amazing Fran, I love them and might have to have a go myself. Lol

    Hope you get the printer soon so you can print all you like.

  3. love the canvases, can't wait till november, It's going to be exciting isn't it ;)