Sunday, December 16, 2007

Long time, no see

It's been a while since blogger would let me post pics so now I can upload a few................
But a quick update on my life - Sharon (my sister) is coming tomorrow - I think, anyway. Just heard via the family grapevine that her plane didn't get in on Friday like it was supposed to. Nothing to worry about but didn't know, thats all - so don't know if that will delay her getting up here at all.
So that means Matt is leaving with her when she goes on Tuesday - he's been working up here on the station for a bit of a different view on life but don't think it's helped much!! Especially at the moment when there's not much work on.
Oh - and we're officially charity cases!! Due to the drought, all primary producers in this area are given a hamper of christmas goodies! So we got this massive bag of food, drink, christmas pudding, custard - and even christmas decorations and presents!! It feels funny to be in that position, but it IS actually really nice to know that someone cares that farmers are really struggling at the moment.
And the funniest thing is that Bradley has been shearing with a mate - who was given a christmas pudding from the church earlier - and so there has been no end of hassling about "at least he has a christmas pudding" and we have nothing!! So when we got the hamper I had to ring Bradley and go "Stop hassling Jumps - we got one too!!".
And apparently on the front page of the West Australian in the last couple of days there has been an article on how Christmas hams are being delivered to Morawa farmers - front page!! I bet Jumps gets one because he's been in the West a few times this year, with the hard time they are going through.
Anyway - thats me in a nutshell (doesn't that remind you of that Austin Powers line "No, THIS is me in a nutshell") School's finished so now we have 8 days of swimming lessons - perfect time for the cold weather to come in - it never fails!!LOL
Here's Madison's sports day earlier in the year (this LO is for her album in case you're wondering why I do some photos twice!!) And here's some LO's from the Dec Boy kit at Bon's - I seriously love this kit and might need to get anothery - LOL!!
This one is a LO of me trying to take a pic of Darcy but he was so excited that Santa gave him "Scoop" (from Bob the Builder) that that is all he would show me when I held up the camera
And this is of the girls when they went to Geraldton for a Playschool concert this year.
And these are the cards I made for all the kindy teachers

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