Friday, April 18, 2008


and a quick share of some LO's. My mum has been up for a visit for the past week so I haven't done any scrapping - but my scrap space is sparkling!!LOL
Ok - quickly the LO's - this is done using the girl kit at Bon's Scraps which was gorgeous - but they were too gorgeous for their own good and were sold out sooo quickly.
and this one of my Dad.
Ok - onto my big news which is a little bit delayed and some of you would already know - but I was so excited to get an email from Karen at Karen's Scrappin Kupboard asking me to join her design team!!
I am so excited to be able to accept and can't wait to get started - still finding my feet a little bit but no doubt will be fully into the swing of it.

The kids really loved having their 'other' nana here for a bit. We packed everything up and went camping. Mum and I were trying to set the 2 room tent up and not being exactly the Alby Mangels we needed to be (did Alby even use a tent, come to think of it??) we were laughing so hard by the end of it that we couldn't hold the tent poles up and Mum was actually in pain - it was the funniest thing!! If only we had the video camera ................omg I'm giggling to myself thinking about it. Good thing "Thank God you're Here" is on so I fit fight in.
So anyway (no, story is NOT over yet!!) about 5 mins after we decided the tent might actually stay up without one of us holding it all night - and 5 MINS - I KID YOU NOT - we felt a spot of rain. Then roughly 10 mins after we had the tent up a thunderstorm hit - and omg - small petrified boy was more than enough to make me quickly take him home (we were only 1 km from home) and then another bit of the storm hit so we quickly had to go back and rescue Nana and the girls. I think I have scarred 2 of my children for life as the next day when we went back to the tent, Darcy was petrified we'd make him go inside - so funny!! Nice mother arent' I?? Well, I am cos I didn't make him go inside - so that makes me nice.
SO anyway - the tent is STILL up in the paddock and we didn't get to go camping - but it was all good.

First day of footy/hockey tomorrow - hopefully I live through it. Actually game day is usually ok, however if I want to move any part of my body on Sunday that could prove to be a problem............... I think I'm going to be a half-back tomorrow (for anyone that knows hockey) so that should be great. I love half-back. I'd also love to be fit enough to play it - but I will try my very best, run hard and then after that 5 mins is over, I shall go and sit on the sidelines in the shade!!LOL.

Anyway, I have waffled enough for this one lil blog post - sorry if you've made it this far expecting more, but by now you should know me!!LOL . This is as good as it gets.

Anyway - off to watch "TGYH" - love that show. Have a great weekend and feel free to feel sorry for me on Sun (or sat at about 1.05pm - game starts at 1!!LOL)



  1. YIPEEEE Fran - congrats(again...hehe) Way to go - you totally deserve it!
    I'll have to jump back on my original home of KSK now and say hello...:D
    Love your layouts too and what a hilarious story. I wish I was there as the photographer! pmsl
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Congrats on the DT spot Fran. Very well deserved.

  3. CONGRATS Fran!!!!!!you SO deserve it :)

  4. WTG Girl that is fab news Fran.

    Great pages here and I had a little laugh over the story too.

  5. fab job fran!.....

    oh i so feel you with the kids have played for the last 6 or 7 years....i played a few matches last year and pulled a hammy and it is still not right even now like 8 mths later....:)

  6. YAY Fran - congratulations, that is VERY cool!

  7. OOOh Congratulations Fran WTG :)x

  8. congrats on the DT Fran, awesome news..... love the tent story, a memory to keep there!!!

  9. hay Fran

    Congrats on your new design possy .. you will do a great job all the best with it HUGE POST...


  10. Yay you!! That is great news!! I 'm sure you will have an awesome time on the DT at KSK.