Saturday, April 5, 2008

Really with pictures (plural) this time!!

Do you know what? It has been so long since it blogged (not my fault, but we are not going into that are we blogger??LOL) that I forgot my password - how funny is that. Also I have a terrible memory at stuff like that so maybe (just maybe) that was to blame................
So much has been going on since last time I blogged - I went to the Boxx retreat which was down in Augusta and what a fantastic time - it was great to catch up with everyone - Sheree, Kate, Kel, Leeann - oh just everyone that was there last time - and the new people I met. It was great to meet Miranda - and also to meet Mel Nunn who's work I adore - I did both her classes. She was an absolute blast.
I went through a huge guilt thing on the way down and nearly turned around 2 hours into the trip - but Bradley convinced me the kids would be fine- and as it turned out, they were - and Claire only got teary on the last night.
Ok - some's one I did for a comp - vey simple but I like it. And this one - for the same comp too! And hey, Belinda - there's my easel - spunky huh??
And Bon's Cybercrop in on at the moment - entries are due midnight Sun (I think!). My challenge was to use a sketch (LO example below) and to use something old which was my photo turns.
And not for much reason at all - and hope neither of mine or Bradley's mother reads my blog (highly unlikely) - here is a card I made. Have been in such a card-making frenzy at the moment - I think I'm made 12 in the last week. WOW:O - normally I wait til 5 mins before I have to post one before I make one - so now I"m organised............ish.
Oh - and this one is for another comp - a LO of our humungous scorpion - look at the size of this thing - well, it freaked us out nicely
And on 'other news' - I finally got a laptop and I LOVE IT!!!YAY. I'm sitting here in the loungeroom with the kids watching cartoons and it's so cool. Even the wireless router thingo for the satellite broadband was really easy to install - I thought that would be the tricky bit but YAY me - I did it.

Anyway - I've got more stuff to upload so I'll finish this post and write more when I upload more.
Hope you all had a happy easter - oh yeah, Easter - better write about that too just for posterity...........we had a really nice one


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  2. Oops that me who deleted my last comment- sorry, I made a spelling boo boo and tried to fix it- arrr!

    Anyway- glad to see you back blogging again- with pictures!!!
    The retreat was fantastic wasn't it! I so can't wait until next year!!
    BTW- Your layouts are fantastic!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Whoop-dee-do pictures and all - I am impressed...;)
    Funky layouts as usual and yes, LOVE that easel!
    Where are the retreat photos? hehe
    Looking forward to seeing some.
    Chat soon,

  4. Hi Fran!
    I adore that truck LO SOOO much! all your work is stunning - glad I found your blog!


  5. That scorpion is huge, it freaks me out to think we have them here that big. Lol

    Love the journalling on your Me layout, gorgeous work as always.

  6. lovely pages as always!
    that scorpion is massive!

  7. Your work is awesome as always fran .. that scorpion layout turned out a treat ... well done ... yeah wheres the retreat piccies....

    have a great week catch u on the forum at bons