Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scary scary!!

My first ever post on my first ever blog - now be warned - I tend to type all my words around the wrong way when I'm typing fast - I will go back and edit them this time seeing as it's my first one - but I can't promise that for the future!!
This is going to be a short post cos I just want to see what it looks like once it's up!! I'll practise posting pics too - so I'll upload a LO I did for the Forever Always CC - to scrap a childhood memory and to be monochromatic.



  1. YAHOOOO FRAN!!! So exciting that you're blogging. Now if you promise me to nag me when I don't update, can I promise you I'll nag you to update?? lol did that make sense???

    and Gorgeous LO girly!!

  2. good one sheree, you beat me too it :P.
    YAY, fran you have a blog, looking forward to seeing all your fantastic creations.

  3. That is a gorgoeus layout Fran.