Friday, July 13, 2007

Ok I'm going with the uploading the photos first and putting the writing around it so hope this works better. Here's my Lo that apparently in the current SC - kind of a strange LO but anyway!! It's about Josh's rusty/broken windowed van - Bradley made me take these photos just cos he looked so funny - and now they're in a mag!! And this is a LO I did last night - Amie Taylor's monthly sketch over at Forever Always .
Belinda was up so we stayed up late scrapping - which she paid for by the girls not sleeping well and so was a wee bit tired this morning - it was fun though - something we don't get to do often - and I actually finished some stuff that needed doing - but can't share yet. As I'm lacking LO's that I can share at the moment - I'll put this one in - it's one I did for Bon's challenge for the CC over at Bon's last week - criteria being to have a quote, a photo with friends and hand and machine stitching. My god - hand stitching!! So you can see I did the bare minimum.

Had a fab week full of visitors - had Steph call in for a visit on her way home from Yalgoo so it was fabulous to meet her - oh and that reminds me - I was so impressed to be name Hen House Hero of the week over at Chookscraps for my dust storm Lo which Steph nominated!! How cool.
Then we've had people ever since - with mum coming today - so better go do something!! Most stuff is done though due to all the previous visitors!
Thanks Gigi for the 'proper' way to put my photos on this blog thingo - makes more sense to look at it now!!
Oh - and a quick mention - tomorrow is Bons' Scrap n Chat which lots of us can't go to - so keep an eye on the forum as there just may be something for "US who miss out on the scrapping and the first look at all the new goodies" people!! (and so there should !!LOL) With a fantastic incentive to EVERYBODY that enters!!! (and I mean everybody)


  1. Those layouts are gorgeous Fran. My sister has a bongo van too. Lol

    I love the googles layout too, very cute.

    Melanie Harris.

  2. I saw 'Bongo' in SC... congrats on another published LO.

  3. Yep the Bongo LO is awesome Fran and can't wait to the CC at Bonscraps on the wknd. Hope we get some newbies over there!!!