Friday, May 9, 2008

Wonky photo........

Sorry about this top one - a wee bit wonky but I didn't notice it until I was editing it and you know how it is, I just couldn't be bothered taking another photo!LOL
I really like this one (irl) even though it looks a bit plain here - the background cs is really ridged so it gives a great texture - and so do the Velvet thickers.
This is done with the boy kit from Bons'. I adore it - it's full of the new Bo Bunny Xtreem Teen pp's.Ad this one was based on the sketch at KSK - a wee bit different to the sketch but you get that!
And this is just a really quick simple I did the other night when I had the urge - which hasn't happened for while now - I was beginning to worry it wouldn't come back!
And don't know if I uploaded this one before - I did it for an interpretive challenge - and I didn't look at the others on the gallery before I did it - on purpose, and then when I did look I got all scared as it was soooooo different to all the others!! But I double-checked the 'rules' and I didn't break any so it counted!
Oh and this one is for Bon's current monthly comp which is a Mother's LO (and you have to use a quote or catch phrase as the title)
So my scrapping motivation is back now - I lost it a bit once the footy/hockey season started as I started to have more of a life - LOL!! Too much social activity which isn't seeming to slow up but it IS fun!! But I'm becoming more acclimatised so I handle scrapping and the "life" too!!
Anyway - will sign off now as I know anything I write after this will NOT be interesting as I'm in a waffling mood - so think yourself lucky!!

Have a great Mother's Day y'all!!

Fran xx


  1. Fabbo layouts them all!

  2. Your layouts are fantastic Fran, I love how you used the transparency on the "Mother Nature" layout.

  3. Hey you

    thank you for stopping buy and leaving some cheer!!!

    You have been hitting the publication waves again girl, ive so loved seeing your LO's in the Mags!!