Monday, November 3, 2008

Bad blogger........

I know I am - but you know, I'm not really THAT cut up about it!LOL.
Lots has happened since I last blogged so I'll just start typing and see where I get too........oh, thats' enough.......BYE. Just kidding - I have a bit more staying power than that (maybe only a little though - LOL)
Oh ok, yep - I'll stop crapping on about nothing............
STUFF (in point form):
I got bitten by a centipede - doesn't sound too bad?? OMG are you kidding me???? Talk about PAIN! Don't EVER get bittem by a centipede and kill any that you see. I've been bitten by bees, wasps, scorpions but NOTHING compares to a centipede.
It happened in my house as I was going to bed at 10.30pm and it leapt out and got me - I swear this happened - the aggressive little bugger - and even my sister agrees that they actually 'go' for you, they don't just react because you stood on them.
Anyway - it looked like a snake bite - the fangs went right in so there were deep purple marks on my foot (with blood too). It looked so much like a snake bite, that if you didn't actually see the centipede - thats what you'd think it was.
Good thing I knew exactly what but me - and he died a violent death for his troubles.
And the pain - did I mention that before?? It didn't stop hurting until about 7am - omg - I was exhausted - I didn't sleep and just spend the night crying and wondering what the cleanest way would be to chop my foot off. For future reference - the only thing that remotely relieves the pain is putting your foot in as hot water as you can stand - and that is BY NO MEANS a miracle cure but it does help a little.
Putting cold on it just increases the pain.
So then - the next day the kids had the day off school as I couldn't drive them to the bus and I limped around for a few days with elephantitis of the foot - it looked hilarious. Then the swelling went down but came back a day later with a vengeance and the itchiness made me want to scratch my skin off - even though I'm an adult and every piece of common sense told me scratching it wouldn't help but it was so intense I just scratched and scratched SO much - I wanted the skin to bleed so it might relieve it. But anyway - it all went away and I'm fine except for my 2 beautiful puncture marks on my foot and a new found inclination to leapt in the air every time something touches my foot now.
But I have to thank god that it wasn't the kids and I woudln't have possibly known how painful it would be - so if they ever did get bitten I would take them straight to hospital - I can't imagine how they would get through that (or me for that matter, having to watch them deal with it).
Anyway - lesson on little buggers free-loading in my house is over..............LOL.

Another thing I did that resulted in loss of sleep, but was a hell of a lot more fun was my trip down to the Scrapboxx retreat in Margaret River this time - this is the first time I've been to the October one (as opposed to the March one) and I loved it!! Definitely going again.
It was so much more relaxed as you didn't have to pack your gear up to go to classes and you got to know everyone really well as there were way less people and you all stayed together all the time. I got so much scrapping done - about 12 Lo's I think - as well as a card, and 2 mini-albums - and our tag album which was awesome.
Nic Anderson and Mardi Winen took the classes and they were fabbo - we used new paper ranges which I honestly probably wouldn't have picked for myself but I loved what we did with them. Got so many new ideas.
I loved catching up with all the girls I already know - Sheree, Kel, Leeann, Janine, Maria, Denise, Kareena, Nikki, Karen (sorry if I missed someone - it's past my bedtime nearly!LOL).......and seeing Nic and Mardi again - and meeting new people like my roomie, Kathleen who looks just like her avatar pic which is VERY handy!!
Oh, and we got to use the Zutter Bind-it-all which is the coolest machine and actually a lot cheaper that I thought it would be so by Sun morning I'd succumbed to peer pressure and decided to buy one. Maria was raffling one (which I'd bought tickets in) but not trusting that I'd win (seeing as I NEVER win) I bought myself one - only to win the raffle to get ALL your shopping for free - so I won one anyway!!!YAY!!! I was so STOKED!! I won over $200 worth of stuff as I'd also put binding wires in my shopping and everything!!
SO EXCITED!! I told Bradley "aren't you happy I got all that shopping for free?" and he said "I would never have known how much you spent anyway!" LOL - and that is so true - he wouldn't as I do all that side of stuff.
Anyway..............anything else? It was really just the centipede and the retreat that was so exciting. I have lots of scrapping to share but I can't remember what I already have shared and what I haven't so I just have to check and then I'll upload some stuff.

What else? Ummm got some stuff coming up in the new few Scrapbook Creations - oh and I got a mini-album accepted for Creative Paper - which is the old For Keeps which was kind of amazing as they've cut back on the scrapping stuff so I didn't think they'd accept much stuff anymore. (which is actually why I subbed the mini-album - for something diff than a LO).

I have been working on some stuff for Anna - and have some cool christmas crafts on the boil so will share when I'm done.

I'm so hanging out to spiral-bind something with my new machine - I even thought about my children, but Sheree tells me they won't fit - she's tried!!LOL

ANyway - big post for me so gonna go lay down for a bit............LOL.

I will post again later about our bbq we had for Bradley's birthday on Sat night - nice night to catch up with friends and then by the end we had blood, broken glass and someone in hospital! Made for interesting conversation the next day!! (And by the way, the person in hospital wasn't the same one that was bleeding - LOL - the plots thickens..........)


  1. Someone was recently telling me about centipede bites being extremely painful! I shall be avoiding them at all costs!!!

    Sounds like the retreat was a blast. Hope we get to see some layout pics (hint hint).

  2. A post a post!! Lol - well it looks like we saw the tail end of the puffiness then, didnt look too bad at the retreat.

    And yes, with all that work you did, where's all the LO's?? Hrmmm??


  3. Nice to hear from you again! that post was a great read! LOL you're a crack up. Hurry back and share your scrapping!

  4. holy crap...i had no idea a centipede has a painful bite, in fact, i didn't know they bit at all!! glad you are ok...from reading your {humerous} post, i gather things are much much better now.

    don't take to long to share your latest creations now will you!!

    nina xx

  5. Ouch, I never knew centipedes could bite so painfully. I hope your foot is back to normal now.

    How wonderful to win your shopping, you lucky girl.