Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FK entry

Ok - just a quick post before I forget. This was my FK Awards for Excellence entry - nothing too exciting but I like them all because they're 'me'. Oh - and funny piece of trivia that NOBODY but me would have noticed. I got my copy of the mag and was lucky enough to get an Award for Excellence in Design for my "New Norcia" LO down below......and also my "Any Given Day" mini-album article was in there too - although pretty funny that they didn't show ANY of the album, only the front cover!LOL
Anyway - onto the funny piece of trivia - see this LO below - "About a Girl". This wasn't wanted for anything in the mag, no upcoming issues or anything BUT there's a 'sneak peek' look at it on the contents page of the mag. How funny that they bothered photographing a LO that wasn't ever going in?? And only I would've noticed as it's got my handwriting on it - LOL!
So I dare you to find that 'sneak peek' and then find that LO in the mag - because it WON'T BE THERE! kinda funny that's all.........

This is the AFE one

This one is called "My princess,(crossed out) my fairy,(crossed out), my Claire" but that kind of needs explaining when you can't see it full-size.

and thanks everyone for the congrats!!


  1. Congrats Fran!
    I'm off to look at the mag now - it's a bit cheeky of them!

  2. Congrat's Fran. I spotted your gorgeous work straight away. I love your little story about the sneak peak - mag's do some funny things.

  3. Congratulations Fran. You're layouts might be "you" but that's why they are fab! Love them all.

  4. way to go Fran...congrats to you!!

    I am always in awe of your creative prowess ... just amazing stuff!

  5. Congrats again Fran! Isnt that strange?? I went and grabbed my copy straight away, and sure enough, there it is! Very odd indeed...


  6. hey fran, i meant to say in my previous comment that i have a little something for you on my blog.

  7. Fantastic layouts Fran, I really love how you used the clock transparency over the photo on the double and that last one is breathe taking.

    Congratulations on the awards.

  8. Fran, I ADORE your entries! Congrats on the AFE - I was so excited to see it in the mag.

  9. oh heck Fran.... i love every single one of those!!!

    LOL too funny about the sneak peak. Meredith T pointed that fact out to me the other day - strange isn't it?!

    i really love the last page - so simple and yet so effective.

    Your style is so *sigh* lovely.

    and a massive congrats for your entries and winning pieces.

  10. Hey Fran, I love your entries, and I'm glad you shared your funny story because they did the same thing with me too in that edition! I thumbed through that mag a few times trying to find the page that the full version of my sneak peek was on, but it wasn't there! Too funny, I recognised my handwriting as well!

  11. CONGRATS fran! would love to see the whole mini!! mmm me thinks they should still pay you some for the sneak of the other LO!