Monday, October 19, 2009

Stupid old slow computer....

LOL - my laptop is in at the doctor's hopefully getting a persoanlity transplant so I'm on my old sloooow computer. My laptop really just has to get over itself and do it's job - which would be much easier if it just didn't overheat all the time and actually STAY ON! Get your head in the game, laptop!
Anyway, where was I? Oh - old computer - slow - not blogging to share my news til now.......
Ok - my news is..
I was lucky enough to make the Scrapbooking Memories Masters short(but really quite long)list! YAY. I am just happy to have made the list as I wasn't completely sure about my entry this year, so am just happy to get on there and not expecting to get any further.
Especially since I am in terrific company with all the names on that list. Of the 5 design team girls at Anna's Craft Cupboard - 4 of us got on there, and the other DT member is already a Master so can't enter!LOL. And I'm also on there with 3 of my Kaisercraft DT'ers as well. Wishing all the girls the very best of luck with it!

Sorry I dont' have any LO's to share - been working on stuff which I'll be able to show later - not much help right now I know............


  1. Congratulations on making the shortlist Fran! Good luck - your work is definately Masters-worthy. :)

  2. A big congrats Fran - love you work!!

  3. Im thinking you will make the shorter list Fran!!! cant wait til you do :)

  4. And you know I have eveeerything Xed that you make the shorter list tooooooo!!!! WTG U :) :) :)

    Lou X

  5. I was so excited for you Fran, love your work and I think you will get there for sure :)

  6. So happy to see your name on the list Fran ... can't wait to see your entries ... good luck, PIp

  7. i really really hope u make the list this year fran.. u know i think your work rocks.. fingers crossed miss franny... love all the new layouts above... you rock kaiser well babe..

    big hugs