Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety

Just a couple of LO's using the new Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety papers.

I just HAD to use them for this LO of my Dad's vegie garden. If you knew my Dad at all you would know that we are all surprised that he has started this garden - and on such a small scale. Dad is a retired (har har - not very retired...) farmer and we had visions of this garden out on the farm in a market garden fashion as when Dad does something, he does it big!
So it was a nice surprise that he's limited himself to the 'actual' garden at the house - although he has to know EVERYTHING about everything and I guarantee he would be able to tell you his fertiliser ratio just like that!LOL.
The top photo is proof of his 'thoroughness' (I think my mum would call it something else?? maybe obsessive??). He HAD to know how much water was coming out of each dripper and at what rate so he had buckets and eskies lined up to gauge it!LOL.
I tell you - his brain never stops!

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  1. Love the story about your dad's esky setup, sounds like something my hubby would do!

  2. Fantastic pages Fran, I love the story of the buckets and eskies. lol

  3. Gorgeous layouts Fran, and your dad sounds like such a character, lol :)

  4. love your cosmo layouts Fran. Great story behind your dad's veggie garden too :)