Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crate Paper

I got a gorgeous DT parcel of Crate Paper "Paper Doll" from Karen SCrappin Kupboard the other day and managed a couple of LO's at my crop day today.

And on personal news, I actually think the house in town will be ours by NEXT WEEK!!
Yep, townies we will be but we are looking forward to it.
With my husband having to find work off station due to the droughts we've had here over the past years, he has since found a job he loves at the Ag School which he's had for 2 years now. That has been 2 years of him driving to town and the kids going to school in town - a total of nearly 200kms everyday on a normal day. It's eventually got too big a cost so we are moving to town - and life is going to be SO much easier! And our fuel bill will actually pay off the house....lol. (4.5 weeks ago I paid a $1400 fuel bill and we;ve already run out - just to give you a clue of how much we spend in fuel).
Oh - and just as a kicker, we have a new mine starting up in Morawa - so we got to buy a house in the mining boom when everyone decided to put ridiculously high prices on their houses!! It's that bloody Murphy - I tell ya! So after 6 months of trying we FINALLY have a house - oh my god, you wouldn't believe the relief.....lol.
ANyway - bored you enough - thanks for dropping by ;).


  1. Love what you've done with the Crate Paper papers Fran.

    Hope you get that house! Sounds like it will make things so much easier (and cheaper) for you all.

  2. Good luck with your big move Fran.

    Love the layouts too! :)

  3. That's fantastic news! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new house!

  4. WOW, a towny !!!! I totally understant what you are saying about the travel, we do about 60 km a day,to school buses etc, and that gets tough !! Gosh 200 must be a nightmare.... Good luck, sounds like its a necasary move.... Im sure the kids will love it, i know my teenagers would LOVE to live in a town !!!

    karen x

  5. Good luck on the move into town Fran.... you sure do a lot of kilometres....and being a country girl too I appreciate the cost of fuel....
    Gorgeous layouts as usual too...
    M x

  6. So glad you've finally found a house and hope the move goes smoothly and that you enjoy all that 'spare' time you'll have!! ;-)

  7. congratulations. i hope you enjoy it.