Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kaisercraft "Hey Birdie" and "Le Chateau"

And as a contrast to my last post - I found these 2 ranges easy to work with - Le Chateau is gorgeous and I LOVE the new wood flourishes that Kaiser have brought out this time around!

And remember that the entire collections are available at Anna's Craft Cupboard.


  1. Love them, especially that one of your mum Fran ,the frame looks awesome!

  2. beautiful!

    You know i was thinking about you the other day = your style and it is a lot like Erica Glover back in the day lol. And that is a GREAT thing because i love / loved her style!! It is one of the main influences that got me into scrapping in the first place.

    So yeah all that dribble for not much else but to say that you rock and that i love your style (and you too Erica where ever you might be now)

    but we all know that i am a Fran fan so there is no surprises there :)

  3. Love the "Time with Nana" layout...just gorgeous!