Friday, July 2, 2010

She wasn't crying

My darling daughter Madison always carries on like a pork chop (where DID that saying come from??) whenever anything happens to her - honestly there are times when I think her arm must've been ripped off and I go outside and she's stepped in water or something insignificant- she is just one of those kids where you cannot truly guage her pain by the sound she is making as there is no varying degrees of it! (the other 2 kids, on the other hand are completelyt normal in these matters)
So last week I picked her up from the local youth centre (yes, I can go to these things now cos I LIVE IN TOWN - lol) and she was complaining about her sore foot - and I thought she was just whingeing cos she was walking on gravel but when she really had tears streaming down her face I actually believed her.
And one of her toes was looking a bit red and wonky - and the next morning she woke up with this bruise - so I took her to the doc (then the hospital, then the doc, then back the hospital - but we wont' go there...)and she's broken her middle toe - and just for the record, it wasn't the wonky red one!lol

So she's now lapping up the sympathy - and I said to her "Who do you take after?" and she very solemnly said "My father..." lmao - if you knew him you'd know this is completely true - he is highly talented at hurting himself on stuff that you wouldn't think is dangerous - and often on couches which is what Mads broke her toe on.


  1. LOL Fran... i sooo can sympathise with her. I broke my toe on the toilet door, and it hurt like mad!!! poor little thing... I have a drama queen child too, everything is life and death with him !! it sounds like you are ejoying living in town :) .... thats great..

    karen x

  2. LOL don't you hate those moments when you end up feeling like bad mummy for doubting them.

    Love those cards in the last post BTW!

  3. Poor thing! That's cute that she's lapping up all the attention! Hope she gets better quickly.

  4. Oh, porr little chicken, I hope she's feeling better soon!

  5. My hubby always says "carrying on like a pork chop" too. lol

    Poor thing, hope she on the mend.