Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Isn't it funny sometimes how you can love one side of a patterned paper but you seem to not use the side you thought you would?
This red paper in this 'Nana' LO is Bo Bunny Learning Curve - Bookmark and I LOVE the other side of it - it looks like old kids storybooks but twice now I've used the red side instead. Not all that interesting really - lol - but just thought I'd mention it........
This is my Nana who passed away very recently(this is her before she was married - she didn't look like THAT when she died ;) ). She was 94 so while it was sad, she had a good innings.

And this is just a thankyou card - I have made SO many thankyou cards for coaches etc for the end of the footy/hockey/season and forgot to photograph half of them - godammit cos I really liked them and most of them were for males which I always find harder to make cards for.

And lastly - Happy 100th Birthday to our little town of Morawa! HUGE celebrations are happening in town this weekend - theres even CHOICES of 'nightlife' stuff to do - how about that for a small town??lol. And BRadley and I won't even be here as I have plans that have been in place for about a year - my Dad turns 70. Good timing, Dad - well, I guess thats Nana's fault really but can't have a go at her for it (see above paragraph...)
Apparently Morawa isn't 100 until next year but is being celebrated this year - and oh. my. god - doesn't that bring back the memories of the Year 2000 not being the actual end of the millenium but it should've been celebrated in 2001. Did anyone else have one of these people in their family (not pointing fingers at anyone, DAD). I tried to point out that it was the cool year of "The Year 2000" that we wanted to celebrate - not the specifically-timed end of 2000 years.......but that wasn't the point - have you ever met my Dad?...
Anyway - got 2 kids on the couch - and only half of them are mine - so better go do my nursely duties


  1. LOL you having a good day Fran? Love both of these!!

  2. Great LO and card Fran!! Love the flowers on your Nana page....i am not a big one to use flowers but i love them on others LO's. I guess having 5 grandsons...steers me away from the florals! LOL!!

  3. Beautiful layout of your Nana, Fran. :)
    Card is adorable too...I have the same trouble with male cards!

    Was going to ask you...the woodgrain letters you used on a layout in your last post. What brand are they? LOve them!!

    Chelle Xx