Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pink Paislee Old School

Ok - so after NOT having the perfect graduation photo anymore to scrap with these papers I decided that they actually go really well with lots of stuff - in particular 'rustic-y' (don't try looking that one up in your dictionary!) photos.
Yalgoo Museum:

67% Brave: (my little Darcy isn't the bravest boy in the world - so getting on this tractor with Pop was a huge deal for him!)

Pretty much everything on these pages is available at Anna's CRaft Cupboard. If you want to know specific product names check out my gallery at Anna's and it's all listed there.
Oh - and there's another "Pink Paislee Old School" Lo coming - just can't show it until Anna puts the step-by-step up on her blog.


  1. Love these Fran! I especially love the large photo on the second one. :)

    My boy isn't the bravest either - it's funny you would think farm boys would be, hey? LOL

  2. These are fabulous layouts!!!
    I am a tractor-lovin' girl!!!

  3. Fran.. just love your blog... this page is so gorgeous.. colours and design .. I love your style .. congrats on teaching at the retreat.I am a friend of beautiful Louise Nelson .. hugs x

  4. thanks for droppin' by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.. I looovvveee readng them ... Louise can't wait to meet you, she is very very excited !!!! your work is so inspiring .. thanks Fran, hugs from me x

  5. We are Cybercropping over at Bon's Scraps and we are Blog-Hopping :) We are popping in to blogs that inspire the Bon's girls and yours is one of them!!!

    So the secret word is: the

    Will definitely be keeping tabs on your blog!!! Miss you babe!!!

    Love Charmane

  6. Popping though on the Bon's Blog Train - but I always stop by to read your stuff!! I love love love your work!!

    P.S Your article in Sm this month was great - and I'm so trying those techniques!!

  7. Hi Fran... hopping along with Bon's CC. Love your work, will be checking your blog out more often now I know where you are! Catie :)

  8. Hi Fran, i'm popping in from bons aswell:) love these LO's with the pink paisley. cheers Leonie

  9. Hi, I am on the Bon's blog train as well. Lovely work, another to add to my faves list!

  10. toot toot..coming through on the train!
    I've always loved your work in the mags....soooo inspiring!
    toot toooot

  11. Just popping by on the blog train! You are so talented - I love seeing your work published all the time! :D

  12. I'm on the train too!! Just stunning work Fran!!! I'll be back for sure!!