Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OA Modern Homemaker

In my DT pack this month from Annas' Craft Cupboard I got some of the OCtober Afternoon Modern Homemaker - which I just love.
This first one is of my Claire bear - who just loves the whole cowgirl thing - so when we went to the rodeo in Mingenew she was *so* in her element!!

And this one is very much inspired by the fabulous Amanda Hall! The colours also just reminded me of icecream so I went with a matching pic! (it makes me laugh looking at the guy-in-the-backgrounds wtf??)


  1. Hey Fran! Just love both of these and you're right that paper is super cute!

  2. Love that pink check paper, gorgeous colours!

  3. love them both Fran, always so different and arty pages from you .... I can always pick your work , very unique and original with a special touch ... hugz x