Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Catching up........

on the things I've left off for the last few blog attempts!!
Ok - firstly - to finish off the first tag and then get onto the 2nd tag from Kathryn

I thought on the first one I only left off 5 odd things about me or whatever it was (only 5??LOL) and then I realised that I'd left off one of the "things I'm bad at" or whatever that one was (do you think it could be "remembering stuff??"LOL) and I thought "wow - will someone think that is some kind of Fruedian slip where I could only think of two things wrong with me" - because that soo isn't the case. It was more like when I go out somewhere to eat (which doesn't happen often) and there's sooo many things on the menu that I think I'd rather not choose than have to use my brain and choose between them. Thats why I left that list unfinished.......at least thats why I think I did - I don't really remember!LOL

Ok - so back on track -
THE EXTRA THING I'M BAD AT (or bad habit - isn;t it??)
Eating breakfast! My number one thing I just can't bring myself to do - even if it's really yummy and I didn't have to make it - it will make me sick - like bacon and eggs - or hotcakes from McD's - I WILL regret eating them,but I forget everytime and do it to myself anyway.
I just get the fact of being hungry the minute you get out of bed. A cup of coffee will do me to lunchtime - and YES - SHHH - I know, it's bad for me - you don't have to point that out.

5 things ppl don't know about me (HA - I remembered - well actually , I cheated and looked back on the other post!)
1. I actually quite like the smell of StazOn ink (what, is that a problem??)
2. Bradley's and my dream would be to work on a ranch in the States. Watch this space - one day it just MIGHT happen!
3.Ummm I think I've been to 18 countries, by a quick count - oh, and Cocos Islands which is technically part of WA but it still costs more to fly there than to all the other countries combined!!LOL. Seriously - the absolute cheapest flight which is $1326 and this is for a child!!
4.Crap, I'm only up to 4?? Man - think think think - oh, I know - I actually LIKED (no - LOVED) the sequel book to Gone with the Wind ("Scarlett") despite numerous ppl telling me it was crap - but I'm pretty sure most of them were talking about the movie. See, in the book - you can still imagine Vivean LEigh as Scarlett, which you just don't have the privilege of doing in the movie!
5. Last one - ummmm - we've been married for 10 years this year and haven't planned a thing - but we WILL do something - don't you worry about that (you have to say that in a Joh Bjekle Peterson voice).

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  1. You obviously love Gone with the Wind Fran!! Me too...after all my mother named me after the house! Anyway better go, after all tomorrow is another day! LOL
    Tara (the boxx)