Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flying pigs........

2 posts in one night - oh my golly goshness!! LOL
Just wanted to overload on Lo's seeing as I have so many to share and don't get around to updating all that often.
Here's another 6x12" for Darcy's album - love this size for something different every now and then. If you want to try this size, you can get the 6x12" page protectors from Karen's Scrappin Kupboard here. And these are some pages done with the Daisy Bucket 'In the Meadow' papers which are just awesome colours - I love this green and blue together - so versatile.

And I booked to go on retreat at the end of October!! YAY. Cannot wait - Nic Anderson and Mardi Winen are going to be the teachers and I can't wait to catch up with Miss Sheree!!


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  2. great creations as always Fran!! Thanks for the info about the 6x12 page protectors {didn't know one could get them in this size - so off the KSK...}

    lucky you to be off on a retreat too...i am sure you'll have a blast!!


    PS...sorry about the deleted post...was experiencing some blogger troubles at the time!!!

  3. Thanks for the link for the 6x12 sleeves, I was going to stitch down the middle of a 12x12 sleeve but its probably easier if I buy them. lol

    Love these layouts Fran, I love the simplicity of the 6x12 layout. Stunning as always.

    Have fun at the retreat, when is it? I did a class with Nic Anderson (when she was Nic Wright lol) many years ago and she is lovely.

  4. These creations are all fabulous!

    LOVE that 6 x 12 LO. LOVE that green spot too. You always have the best spotty

    You're going to have such a great time at the retreat - lucky you!


  5. Loving all of these Fran! I'm yet to try the 6 x 12" size but I love what you've done here!

    Lucky you going to the're sure to have an awesome time!

    Sheree xx