Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm SO good!!LOL

2 posts in 2 days - my oh my........

Feeling like a challenge?? try this on for size.
KSK are starting a new monthly colour challenge and this is Feb's combo - turquoise, black, lime and orange - LOVE it!
If you'd like to be in the running for a $25 Karen's Scrappin Kupboard voucher then just upload your LO's by the end of the month. (you are to use all these colour as well as a bit of black and white if you so desire - no other colours)
And here is my LO - can anybody notice Mr Vile's big mistake?? (sorry - watched Monsters Inc too many times!LOL)
I've included a pink button on mine as I figured it needed it BUT you aren't allowed too!LOL. I'm not allowed to enter so I figured I get to break the rules!LOL
"The Annoying Big Sister"

And for another challenge you have until the end of MARCH to enter this sketch comp at KSK also - thats heaps of time and this sketch is just so adaptable - you can't NOT do it!lol
Once mine is done I will post here too.
For once I might even elaborate a bit on my life seeing as I normally just post LO's and thats it.
This weekend I'm driving WAAAAYYY down south (hope you appreciate that, Bon!!!LOL.) to go and stay at Sandie's house Miss Bon is coming over for visit - how cool is that? it will so weird to meet all these people in real life. The only one I've met before is Steph, so it will be a bit surreal meeting them (apologies to Adam Hills for misuse of the term 'surreal'........).
Hope they like me!!LOL.

ANyway - got to do the bus 'thing' - bye!


  1. Fran, how can they not like you! :)

    Love your layout. Looks fab!

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. LOL at 'surreal' Fran! Have a fantastic weekend, and I love your annoying big sister LO!

  3. Sandie's a gem, Fran... you guys will get on fantastic! Have a great time!!!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time with Bon and the girls, lucky you.

    I am in love with dotty papers so I love that blue and white paper. Gorgoeus layout Fran.