Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Lo's..

Nothing but a LO share......
2008 in review (and you may notice I have a 'cirle' thing going on at the mo with my LO's!LOL)

He Loves Me - and before you think he's a awful husband for buying me this for Valentine's Day - I LOVE IT!! It's so cool - we get to try a beer from a different country each night!



  1. Fantastic layouts Fran, I love the circle theme. Its a great way to show off a lot of photos.

  2. oh fab pressie Fran!!!! Love the circle LO's, gorgeous gorgeous photo's!! We're aiming for January next year :)


  3. OMG!!!! just having a peek @ your blog and what can i say but just gorgeous!! beautiful, beuatiful layouts - you are soooooo clever and talented. i have noticed a "spiral" punch - may i ask what brand that is? i want one(change that to "need" one) but cant seem to find one. saw your "on any given day" mini album cover in FK but WTH! where was the rest?? love to see it jane P Lock SA

  4. Hi Jane! Thanks for your comments - aww shucks.
    As to the punch, it's a spiral punch from Stampin Up - I got it from a consultant but you can prob get them online somewhere?
    And re: The 'Any Given Day' album - I KNOW!!LOL - the rest of it is here on my blog somewhere I;m sure of it ;). FK wanted it express posted over too - I could;ve just saved some money and posted the cover!
    Fran xx

  5. gorgeous Fran!!! love the circles ... cool!!

  6. LOVE that review LO, and your pressie is so cool!