Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creative Paper #78

Just a really quick share of my stuff that's in the latest CP (old FK!)
This was done for the 'Colour Expose' - we had to use teal/turquoise/aqua And I just wanted to add in some extra photos of this as I have an article in there about this CD I made for Bradley last year (I have posted this before I think?) but just in the mag they don't actually show inside the case, so I wanted you to see the 'point' - iykwim? The playlist has all the 'explanations' to why the songs made it onto "Our Soundtrack"

Anyway - I'm off to bed, sorry about the boring post!LOL


  1. Stunning layouts Fran, who makes the letters you used for Cocos?

    The CD cover is a stunning and meaningful gift.

    Congratulations on your publications.

  2. i agree with melanie - stunny
    Gorgeous - love the CD cover

  3. Love your LO Fran, and I love that gorgeous CD, it is such a fantastic idea

  4. A smashing idea and a smashing result Fran, Tiff :o)

  5. So not a boring post Fran!! I saw your beautiful work in the latest CP and thought "wow" stunning as ever! The CD case is such a cool idea, love your work Fran :)

  6. fran i need something new to check out .. i have been looking at this for a whole week now..rofl..

    suprise me with an update .. rofl


  7. Love the CD idea - says a lot about your relationship, I think!

    Love that ribbon.