Wednesday, May 27, 2009

JUst for you, Sandie!

Got a prompt to update so here's a few LO's in no particular order.....
This is one just because - dont' do many of those........ This is a LO for Enchanted Scrapbooking's Slice Of Life Challenge - this was for those 'not-so-perfect' moment - that's Darcy covered in band-aids!
And anothery......

And another one for Enchanted - had to be monochromatic and use the word surprise in your title - this was was centipede bite 'incident'!! Have been putting off doing these photos for ages......

Ok - gotta go to the bus - bye!


  1. lovin' all of those creations FRAN!! particularly love the over kill LO.

    Nina ;-)

  2. THAT WAS SO WORTH THE pressure..thanks fran.. i love it.. there all so gorgeus that should keep me entertained for a few days at least..


  3. I've been wondering where all your layouts were! They look gorgeous as always Fran :). I think there might have been room for a few more bandaids on Darcy's legs though LOL.

  4. Love all those band aids! I bet it wasn't worth it when it came to getting them all off! And that centipede - ouch!

  5. Gorgeous pages FRAN!!! Good luck in the comp - you'll blow them away ;)

    Love Charmane

  6. Gorgeous layouts Fran! The bandaid one made me laugh! So cute!

  7. Gr8 monochrome LO - beautifully balanced & rich!! I'd love to read the journalling!! Yeeeaachhh!

  8. I just love the over kill layout Fran, Im lucky that Lillee hasn't got into the whole bandaid thing yet. lol

  9. i always love dropping in here and seeing your amazing work Fran. A total inspiration.

    Your work always blows me away.