Thursday, June 4, 2009

New month, new sketch......

Here's the new Becky Fleck sketch over at Anna's Craft Cupboard. Do a LO using this sketch and upload by the end of June and you will go in the draw to win a $35 voucher inclusing free postage.
Mine example is *ahem* on the way....... This was done for Enchanted Scrapbooking's SLice of Life challenge - we had to use something beginning with L-I-F and E (LIFE). Mine was l-lace, i-ink, f-foam, e-edge distressing.

And one with my mummy in it.......

And here's another LO for the Enchanted Scrapbooking's SLice of Life comp - I soooo want to win that SLice!!
This one we had to scrap an 'active' activity we do with our family, use 3 or more photos and at least 50 words of journalling.

And this one - I can't take credit for the photos - my mum took them while they were on Christmas Island. I've used some new Crate Paper from Anna's , that she sent me - I really love that yellow one - it's the 2nd time I've used it (had to make my one piece go far!). I've also used MM Passport alphas and 2 diff sorts of American Crafts thickers (typo and subway), and those groovy Collections scallop brackets.

Kaisercraft are having their big Q1 launch next Thursday night and I'd SO love to go - and have even had an offer that would make it cheaper for me (thanks Anna, you're so sweet) but I just don't think I can justify flying all the way over just for one night (when it's just for fun). I hadn't even mentioned it to Bradley but last night when I did, he was all for me going (what's up with that??LOL - does he want to get rid of me?).
What would you do? (and I mean 'seriously' do, not if you'd just won lotto or something). I've missed the RSVP date anyway so I'm thinking I can't go anyway............oh, it makes my head hurt!LOL
Oh - and I got my HUGE box of Kaiser goodies on Tues (damn that long weekend! and then I had to wait for hubby to get home from footy training at about 10pm - I was so happy to see him and carry the mail in for him!LOL). I already knew the parcel was there as I'd made him tell me what was in the mail - and he was going "no, not here - oh, there's one from Alison Wood" - and I'm going "THATS IT!!!!!" It did say Kaisercraft underneath that but he's IS a bloke afterall........
oh - and re: the parcel.....
Feeling VERY lucky at the moment.
Anyway - enough waffling.....


  1. So so love your work Fran ... very inspiring.

    Wow at the Kaiser box of goodies!!

  2. If I were you I would definately go! I would so love to be there for the launch! And gorgeous pages too. Love your style.

  3. Yep, you NEED to go! I'm sure they'd make room for you!

    Yay that your box arrived, I can't wait to see what you do with those goodies!

  4. Stunning layouts Fran, I love the photo on the "Station Life" layout.

    Have fun playing with your goodies, its a bugger you cant go to the party.

  5. Oh Fran, if you have the opportunity to go to the Kaiser Launch you should DO IT!!! I would, but just can't do it at such short notice :( So glad your Kaiser box arrived - it was worth the wait wasn't it?

    Gorgeous pages in this post too :)

  6. Hey, I saw your acrylic mini album in the new kaiser mag, it's gorgeous!

    I tagged you too, so check my blog if you can grab a few minutes to play along :)