Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A quick post with no photos - I just read that Ali Edwards is no longer writing her column (Studio A) in the Creating Keepsakes magazine.*insert very sad face here*.
Ali is one of my fave - no make that, my absolute favourite scrapper and I was actually just thinking I should renew my subscription if any good deals come out as I only have a few left on my sub - but honestly Studio A was my biggest reason for buying the magazine.
I love Ali Edwards work and will miss it dearly!!
Let's hope she moves onto other things and I can keep checking out her stuff! (but apparently nothing in the works at the moment).
And just on a side note: I wonder how the mag will go now it's lost Becky Higgins who had a huge following, and now Ali....

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  1. I wondered about the future of the mag losing 2 big names like that.

    Not good