Friday, November 6, 2009

To keep Bon happy....

LOL - NOT - as I've got absolutely nothing to share I dont' think.
I've just got a parcel of stuff from Anna's Craft Cupboard though, full of the new October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket - so will have something to share soon.
It's been a rough and emotional couple of weeks - my Mum's brother died and seeing as she had only just lost her Dad, Mum is really quite heartbroken. So I've been down spending time with her - and then also went back down this week for the funeral which was actually a great stroll down memory lane. My brother gave the eulogy and it was just perfect especially as he was really close to our uncle.
But with the 10 hour trip down south, then the funeral and then coming back up yesterday/last night has really drained me and am feeling really flat today. So no scrapping for a little bit.

But just for something to share (and to perk this post up a bit) I've got these photos to share of the kids in the crop - I saw on Pip Prosser's blog (I think it was) of putting a chair in the crop and I thought how much better that looked than just kids standing in a crop.
And as for the people reading this that ACTUALLY grow crops and are feeling sorry for this one, just remember we are on a station.LOL!
It means that we can't sell this - we can only use the grain and hay for livestock feed - so we basically chuck the crop in the ground with fertiliser and whatever
s there at the end of the season is there - we don't put any more money into it to get higher yields or less weeds. Just thought you should know that!LOL


  1. My thoughts are with you at this sad time for your family.

    I found the info about the crops really interesting. Especially as you have seen the crop photos on my blog and commented recently. I didn't realise that you couldn'
    t sell the grain froma pastoral lease / station. Where abouts is your station in WA? I imagined that you were down south but now I am thinking north of Perth!!

  2. gorgeous photos Fran :)

    Sorry to hear of your families loss :(

  3. Sorry to hear about your Uncle. :(

    Love the photos - just amazing!

  4. so sorry to hear of your recent losses fran. georgia xx

  5. How lucky your Mum is to have you to help her through this sad time.....
    On a lighter note - Id hire your fields for such awesome pics - LOL


  6. hugs babe :(

    LOVE thos photos... i need a field like that!!

  7. Sorry to hear of your families loss :(.