Thursday, April 7, 2011

Escape2Create retreat!!

WOW - this time last week I was on the my 2nd flight for the day - going from Adelaide to Port Lincoln - to get picked up at the airport by 2 people I'd never met!!LOL. I had absolutely nothing to be nervous about though (turns out they aren't axe murderers). Amanda and Meredith made me feel completely at home from the very start. They were exactly as I thought they'd be - so it felt like I'd known them for years. (which I guess in a way I have.)

Had a beautiful dinner out with them both, Sue, Michelle Dyson and her (very helpful) husband Andrew.

The venue these girls have chosen is just perfect - a nice roomy shed with great facilities attached and the hostel bunk beds were SO comfy I slept like a log every night - even better than I do at home. And having 5 shops available to purchase from was just downright dangerous! Thank god I had to keep in mind my bag weight for the flight home. Oh - and the way the shed was decorated was SO gorgeous!
[I would upload some photos but very clever me left my camera in Amanda's car so the poor girl has to post it back to me - whoops!!]

I went to bed at a very reasonable hour of about 1 - 1.30am on Friday night (sat morn) thinking I would 'save' myself for Sat night - but turns out Friday was the big night and everyone was buggered by Sat night!LOL. At least I wasn't tired for my class I was teaching on Saturday morning.

I think the class went ok - a daunting prospect teaching a lot of talented scrappers something they don't already know how to do!lol. Michelle and Lou also did a workshop each, which were wonderful and Tatum taught a great double LO class.

I've realised this is quite hard to right in 'order' so I'm just going to randonly thrown things in.
I got to FINALLY meet Lou Nelson!! We've known each other over the internet for YEARS - can't even remember how long, but a very long time and this was the first time we'd met in person which was wondeful! And she was exactly as I thought she'd be. Absolutely gorgeous - and highly talented!

It was wonderful to meet a few other familiar names - Kathryn, Val, Kerryn, Nic, Toni, Tess, Karen, Lauren, Ali, Jane, Brigette - my gosh the list goes on and on so I won't bore you.
Thanks to my table buddies for keeping me inspired - Sue, Tanya, Kathryn, Meredith & Amanda - I think I managed 10 or maybe even 11 Lo's for the weekend which is an absolute record for a procrastinator like me.

Anyhoo - will stop waffling on - no doubt I will add bits to other blog posts as I remember them.
Here's one of my Lo's from the weekend - Kadji Lake - a salt lake near our town which is not full very often, so we made the most of it while the water level is still up.


  1. Wonderful to meet you too, Fran. I'm only an occasional scrapper, but enjoy buying the mags now & again and look forward seeing your work (plus our talented local girls!) Glad you enjoyed the weekend, the girls do a fabulous job and I'm very honoured to be part of it. I'll visit your blog and say hi now :)

  2. Fran i can't say how much it meant to me to meet you and how it felt like we had known each other 'forever'. The way you fit into our group, laughed at what we laughed at and were 'one' of us was so amazing.

    I feel like i have made a wonderful new friend and as weird as it seems i have really missed you this week! It was just the coolest to sit next to you and see those incredible layouts that you do evolve from a bit of patterned paper into something totally WOW.

    I really hope we can meet again one day xx

    PS. I sent your camera yesterday registered mail so it shouldn't be too far away.

    mwah to you for being so special xx

  3. Far out you were productive! I thought I was doing well getting 8 layouts done LOL.

    It was fabulous to meet you Fran, now we just have to hope that we can 1. convince the girls to organise retreat 2012 and 2. convince you to come again :).


  4. Oooh Fran TU it was so fabulous finally getting to meet you F2F!!! and the feeling is so so totally mutual!!! :) :) :)

    I do hope it isnt soooo long before we meet up again :)

    Lou xoxo