Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just thought I'd upload a couple of Lo's I've managed to do over the past couple of crops I've been to. This one goes on the 'other side' of the D.I one I showed in the last post. LOVE that BG Urban Prairie 'milk' paper. (thanks Tammy - it hit the spot!LOL) This one is of my kids at the Whispering Wall War Memorial in Kings Park in Perth - they are always fascinated with it!

This is a photo of Madison (who's now 7 and a half) with little friend Rael. It was a photo of the whole group at Playgroup but these two were just sitting there bawling and it looked so funny - one in blue and one in pink - so I had it cropped down. Rael's mum also has a copy of this photo. Too funny!

Just a quick one to scrap these photos of Bradley's new job (when it WAS new).

And I'm feeling very "Amanda Hall" with this one!LOL. Thanks for the inspiration, chick! It doesn't have a title - I just included the journalling that was written on the back of the photo (this was me back in 1978 - I see my taste for beer started early!). The journalling on the back said "Francine O'Neill was a little thirsty"

Also - have you checked out Lime Tart lately? Philippa has an unbelievable deal on at the moment where whatever dollar amount you spend (excluding kits) you get that many pieces of patterned paper. So you spend $50 and you get 50 pieces of patterned paper!! HOW COOL IS THAT???
GO check it out HERE.


  1. Fantastic creations Fran, I love the one of you with the beer.

    We used to always call KB Kids Beer. lol

  2. OMG! These LOs are terrific! Great work Fran!

  3. I love all of those Fran, the bawling babes and the one of you sucking down that beer are too funny! I've got you to thank for my win at Anna's, I went there after visiting you here, so cheers!

  4. oh Fran! I was so surprised to see my name on that blog post LOL!

    What great layouts - you know i adore your style. That photo of the babies crying is a classic! Love how you have done the title. Also the whispering wall page is brilliant! Understated and yet perfect!

    The work you have done for FK (i still call it that too!) is STUNNING. Love it all - clever chook!

  5. r they vintage book pages I spy on those LOs?? LOVE IT!!