Friday, April 3, 2009

For Keeps

or is that Creative Papercraft? I still call it For Keeps ........
Anyway - here's a couple of LO's they commissioned me to do - this one was in the last issue for the "Pretty Pastels" gallery And this one is in this months (77? I'm thinking) in the "Monograms" gallery. (and this one is called D.I - not 'di' - it IS actually what they call that island on Cocos so it kind of fitted the 'monogram' theme. The whole name is Direction Island but you know, that's just too long to say every time...)

And the new sketch is up at Anna's - courtesy of BEcky Fleck Page Maps once again. It's a random draw so you have to be in it to win it - and you win a $35 voucher plus free postage if you are the lucky 'drawee'.
I'm loving the look of this one and will give it a go as soon as possible.

We're off to a footy scratch match tonight which should be fun - the bar opens at 6pm and the game doesn't start til 6.30pm - wonder who thought that one up??LOL (I'm thinking quite possible a male?)
My kids are hanging out for footy season to start up again, so this is kind of a preview for them.
And then tomorrow night the speedway is on - which isn't my 'thing' so Bradley takes the kids, and I get a night to myself - SCRAP TIME!!
Anyway - better go make ourselves beautiful for that trip back into town..........bye


  1. Love the LO's Fran!
    Oh and I still call it FK too...hehe!


  2. Fab LO's Fran! D I looks like an awesome place.

  3. Gorgeous work, you're such a clever chickie!

  4. Both of these layouts are gorgeous Fran, the way you layered the monograms over the photos looks stunning.

    Speedway?!?! I wished I could have been there. lol Everytime the speedway is on here, Im always busy.