Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing exciting.......

I managed to do 3 double's yesterday while my SIL was up for Easter - that's 6 PAGES!!LOL. I never do 6 pages in one day - but seeing as they were double's guess they don't quite count as a 'full' 6 (as it's only 3 concepts). These are photos I've been putting off doing for ages so it feels great to finally have them in albums.
Bradley's fishing - I've used Kaisercraft papers here. And this was when we were on Cocos and the tide was REALLY high and was right up to the top of the jetty - so when each wave came along the water would spurt through the cracks little mini-moving-blow-holes. The kids (and us!) had a blast - it was so funny watching them waiting and then getting caught unawares.

ANd another one of fishing - can you see why I was putting them off? Dodgy disposable camera photos - and of course, all 4x6" so I cut them all down and managed to get lots of there. And as this months' Puzzle sketches blog challenge included 9 squares I entered it in that comp - love that comp as it's so adaptable.

Had a great easter (apart from scrapping of course) - the kids loaded up on chocolate and played with their cousins all day with no dramas - it was really nice. And now Bradley has gone fishing again so I've got free-time for scrapping!! (well, you know - with the 3 kids and all........). But he hasn't taken the camera this time so at least I don't have to do more 'fishing' scrapping!LOL.


  1. Wonderful layouts Fran, I do think that doubles count as two as the planning that goes into them in enough for two pages.

    Thats what I tell myself anyway. lol

    I hope you used your free time wisely. lol

  2. Hi Fran, just popping in to say 'hi' and that I always read your blog, even though I don't always comment.
    I love your 'fishing' LOs BTW!!!

    Have a great day!
    Janine x

  3. Wow, great doubles! I realy struggle with them. I love the photos on the Cocos Is page, they are gorgeous!