Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I was GOING to update, Sandie.........lol

Ok - off to Perth tomorrow for a few days holiday - watch some country week football and shop! SO thought I'd give SOMEONE a quick update! (*cough*sandie*)
The Lo's above are for Anna's sketches (Becky Fleck sketches). The Princess one is for last month - whoops ;). I've used the new American Crafts glitter thickers and OA paper from Anna's Craft Cupboard.
And Captain Jack is for this months sketch - yes, I actually got it done in time - don't fall off your chair!
Have used Kaisercraft Skull Boi pp (that one would have to be one of my faves!), a grungeboard skull, Kaisercraft "Duchess" stamp, American Crafts lullabye thickers - you guessed it - all available from Anna's Craft.

I am absolutely loving scrapping at the moment and have been really busy, but afraid it's nothing I can share yet. SHouldn't be long though.
Oh, and I decided to send off an entry to the SM Masters again this year, so that's more stuff i can't share - but as always, dont' have high hopes - it just makes the wait more exciting if you've got a vested interest!LOL. Kind of like how I don't gamble but I have to at least "GO" for a horse on the Melbourne Cup - just to make it more exciting!LOL.
Ok - bye - see you when I get back from Perth.


  1. Gorgeous layouts Fran!

    Best of luck with the Masters!!!!

    Have a fun time in perth :)

  2. FRAN..............

    next time u plan to come to perth.. account for me and sheree we will drop everything to catch up... we could even do a whole kid day out thing..

    thank you thank you thank you for updating .. the sketch on its own was boring.. rofl..xxx

    have fun chickee.

  3. oh and im glad u are entering the masters again this year...

    my fingers are crossed .. u deserve it babe!!!

  4. lovin the lo's fran. Have a great few days break and good luck with the SM masters!!

    Nina :-)

  5. Good luck with the Masters Fran, you do beautiful work so I really hope they see that.

    Love these layouts too. Hope you have a wonderful time in Perth.

  6. Beautiful work as always Fran. I *so* have my fingers crossed for you this year with the Masters. Your pages are always inspirational and beautifully done. If it were up to me i would give you the Number 1 spot this second!

    good luck chook!

  7. Hi Fran, Loving your work (as always). Anna has added my brand new blog (link) to the site. Now I have one, I'm finding I visit yours more often!

    Good luck with that SM masters!!!