Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New month, new stuff!!

Yes, it really is a new month - and that meant a new parcel of stuff from Anna's Craft Cupboard and I ADORE it all again this month. Is it just me or are you pretty much liking everything at the moment??LOL
Also with the new month comes the new sketch - just use the Becky Fleck sketch below and upload to the gallery by the end of August to be in the running for a random draw for a $35 voucher inclusing free postage.
(have you seen all the new stuff Anna has ordered from CHA?? You'll definitely be wanting that voucher!LOL. Check out updates on the blog)

Pretty much all the products on these are available at Anna's Store.

******off to be published and I don't have a trendy little cover sign. if anyone has one they would like to email me I'd love you forever!!*********


  1. hey Fran, i am really liking that sketch...i may just have to have a go this month!! and i love your interpretation too! marvellous as always.

  2. all such gorgeous layouts fran, i especially like the first one - i can't get enough of dots at the moment!

  3. Gorgeous layouts. Loving your use of the Kraft Kuts!

  4. wow franny .. love the nan and pop page.. what a smasher.. bet thats not up for long... :)

  5. ooh Fran, I totally love that Nana and Pop one! Must be the dots!

  6. hi fran, i came back to show a friend your nan and pop page and it was gone LOL. i have an "out for pub" you are welcome to use, but i don't have your email. mine is my first initial followed by my surname, then @ bigpond . net . au without all the spaces :-) Georgia