Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking the Initiative

This one was in the last Scrapbooking Memories - I'd done it for a challenge at the Scrapboxx Retreat last year where we were given a pack of stuff and you had to use everything that was in the pack.
I just loved my kids ingenuity when they couldn't find the grater one day - very sweet!


  1. Saw this one in the mag... how clever of them to come up with the idea! LOL Love the layout!

    Sheree xx

  2. Hahaha Your clever and quick thinking kids.

    Congratulations on the publication Fran, it is a wonderful layout.

  3. HI FRAN
    Oh I love this page. Been ages since Ive popped in and said hello. Hope all is going super well for you.

    Love Narelle x

  4. I looooooove this LO! Such a funny story and such a clever mum for remembering to catch it on 'film'!

  5. Oh Fran, I did love this when I saw it, so cool that they think outside the square!