Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MY NEWS.........

BIG BIG NEWS!! I got chosen to be part of the 08-09 Kaisercraft Design Team. I am so excited to be chosen as there were a lot of people applying and I didn't think I'd get a look in. When Alison rang I went all silent thinking "Surely not, but why else would Kaisercraft ring people??" and then she said "It's a good news call" and I was very excited that I don't think I made sense for the rest of the phone call!!LOL.

Here is a single LO I've done using all Kaisercraft products (my single LO I subbed for the application got picked up by SM so I couldn't put it up here). I"m also not sure if I can show my mini-album I subbed so I'll stay on the safe side - I did one of those little clear Kaiser albums.
I've used Kaisercraft SUperHero, Cafe CUlture and Sublime pp's, a wooden flourish (which was a christmas one but I cut the holly leaves off!LOL), an argentella epoxy brad, pink pearl strip and "You and Me" rub-ons - oh, and Kaiser Antique White paint and Mocha paint.

This one was my double LO for the application - as we have no shop around here I was working with what Kaiser stuff I had at home - probably made it easier!

So that was my secret - still pinching myself!! Huge congrats to the other girls that made it especially my friend, Christine Rumley!
Off to do the "blog" rounds to congratulate everyone now!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A share......

Just thought I'd share these few LO's I did at the beginning of the week - I love a challenge to get me thinking. I joined in Enchanted Scrapbooking's first cc and had a great time.
In this one I needed to use an easter theme (or inspiration), paint and three photos. Oh - and this one is just a 'just because' LO - sorry it's in the middle here!LOL. I just loved this photo of CLaire bear and NEEDED to scrap it!

And this was needed to use lots of bling (scary thing for me!!), some wings and a journalling spot. This is Madison getting her ears pierced last week - she was SOOOO excited. She's asked me for the last 6 months so I figured she was serious, so we let her get them done - and she looks gorgeous!! (not that she wasn't before of course!)
Mum and Dad are up at the moment for a visit so we're off being 'touristy' tomorrow by going for a drive to Yalgoo and checking out station homesteads along the way. That it opposed to just being 'drunken' by going to the Yalgoo Races last weekend!LOL. This time might be more intellectually stimulating.......
Oh, and I have a secret too - can't wait to tell you!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing exciting.......

I managed to do 3 double's yesterday while my SIL was up for Easter - that's 6 PAGES!!LOL. I never do 6 pages in one day - but seeing as they were double's guess they don't quite count as a 'full' 6 (as it's only 3 concepts). These are photos I've been putting off doing for ages so it feels great to finally have them in albums.
Bradley's fishing - I've used Kaisercraft papers here. And this was when we were on Cocos and the tide was REALLY high and was right up to the top of the jetty - so when each wave came along the water would spurt through the cracks little mini-moving-blow-holes. The kids (and us!) had a blast - it was so funny watching them waiting and then getting caught unawares.

ANd another one of fishing - can you see why I was putting them off? Dodgy disposable camera photos - and of course, all 4x6" so I cut them all down and managed to get lots of there. And as this months' Puzzle sketches blog challenge included 9 squares I entered it in that comp - love that comp as it's so adaptable.

Had a great easter (apart from scrapping of course) - the kids loaded up on chocolate and played with their cousins all day with no dramas - it was really nice. And now Bradley has gone fishing again so I've got free-time for scrapping!! (well, you know - with the 3 kids and all........). But he hasn't taken the camera this time so at least I don't have to do more 'fishing' scrapping!LOL.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just thought I'd upload a couple of Lo's I've managed to do over the past couple of crops I've been to. This one goes on the 'other side' of the D.I one I showed in the last post. LOVE that BG Urban Prairie 'milk' paper. (thanks Tammy - it hit the spot!LOL) This one is of my kids at the Whispering Wall War Memorial in Kings Park in Perth - they are always fascinated with it!

This is a photo of Madison (who's now 7 and a half) with little friend Rael. It was a photo of the whole group at Playgroup but these two were just sitting there bawling and it looked so funny - one in blue and one in pink - so I had it cropped down. Rael's mum also has a copy of this photo. Too funny!

Just a quick one to scrap these photos of Bradley's new job (when it WAS new).

And I'm feeling very "Amanda Hall" with this one!LOL. Thanks for the inspiration, chick! It doesn't have a title - I just included the journalling that was written on the back of the photo (this was me back in 1978 - I see my taste for beer started early!). The journalling on the back said "Francine O'Neill was a little thirsty"

Also - have you checked out Lime Tart lately? Philippa has an unbelievable deal on at the moment where whatever dollar amount you spend (excluding kits) you get that many pieces of patterned paper. So you spend $50 and you get 50 pieces of patterned paper!! HOW COOL IS THAT???
GO check it out HERE.

Friday, April 3, 2009

For Keeps

or is that Creative Papercraft? I still call it For Keeps ........
Anyway - here's a couple of LO's they commissioned me to do - this one was in the last issue for the "Pretty Pastels" gallery And this one is in this months (77? I'm thinking) in the "Monograms" gallery. (and this one is called D.I - not 'di' - it IS actually what they call that island on Cocos so it kind of fitted the 'monogram' theme. The whole name is Direction Island but you know, that's just too long to say every time...)

And the new sketch is up at Anna's - courtesy of BEcky Fleck Page Maps once again. It's a random draw so you have to be in it to win it - and you win a $35 voucher plus free postage if you are the lucky 'drawee'.
I'm loving the look of this one and will give it a go as soon as possible.

We're off to a footy scratch match tonight which should be fun - the bar opens at 6pm and the game doesn't start til 6.30pm - wonder who thought that one up??LOL (I'm thinking quite possible a male?)
My kids are hanging out for footy season to start up again, so this is kind of a preview for them.
And then tomorrow night the speedway is on - which isn't my 'thing' so Bradley takes the kids, and I get a night to myself - SCRAP TIME!!
Anyway - better go make ourselves beautiful for that trip back into town..........bye