Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm in lurve........

With Cosmo Cricket Early Bird!LOL.
All products on these available at Anna's Craft Cupboard.
(Oh - except the background woodgrain contact on the easter LO).
And I'm still in love with that circle stamp from the Kaisercraft "Dated" set - can see myself using it for a long time to come.......so apologising in advance.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tis me AGAIN....

Breaking records here with my enormous amounts of posts!LOL
Just a quick share - here's a present I made for a friend who's just had a baby - believe it or not, that is NOT her newborn bubba, but just a photo of my Claire who's just demonstrating the photo!LOL.

And here's the latest Saturday sketch over at Kaisercraft and my take on it (it's all there - the circle and the little circles, I swear!) using the Kaisercraft Child's Play range.
If you upload to their gallery using this sketch, you will feature on the blog next Sat morning.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How remiss of me!!

How could I forget the new couch?? LOVING having a non-feral couch in our loungeroom - there's this one and then a matching 2-seater.
Darcy is not relinquishing his claim on the corner spot in a hurry either!LOL. If he could put a flag there to mark his territory he would........

Oh - and an amazing thing happened today - I blog posted 3 times. I've NEVER done that in my life!lol

Forgot this one.......

This is one I did for the Kaisercraft blog for one of the Q1 sketches - I think it was number 3? in the magazine.
My ingenius daughter making her own roller skates out of her brothers boots and duplo!lol


I feel like I've scrapped heaps in the last week - but when I looked back these are the only ones I can share.
This one is a step-by-step over on Anna's blog - my new little nephew, Rory - isn't he the cutest?? I now have a niece AND a nephew called Rory so we have to refer to them as "boy Rory" and "girl Rory", as Darcy gave me a look like I'd completely lost it when I pulled a dress off a rack and asked him if it would suit Rory. LOL.

This one is using the new October Afternoon patterned paper - bit of a scraplift of an Emily Falconbridge page.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Polka dot love!!

Last week I got my DT parcel from Anna's Craft Cupboard and oh my golly goodness - I got some of the new October Afternoon, Cosmo Cricket and Basic Grey June Bug - and in ALL THREE ranges there are polka dots!!
I've done 2 LO's with it all so far - with more mulling around in my head as I just LOVE the papers so much!

All products on these are available at Anna's - I'm especially loving those Kaisercraft "Dated" stamps that come with Upper and Lowercase alphas and "date" type stamps like the circle, for just $15.99.

Oh - and the new 3 Bugs in a Rug papers in store are absolutely DIVINE!! I'm using a LOT of self control to not shop again. (but who am I trying to kid??LOL)

It's nearly the end of the holidays and they have been full-on. We spent last week in Perth going to the movies, the circus, watching footy and catching up with plenty of cousins which was great.
And I.HAVE.A.NEW.COUCH!!! Omg - if you knew how feral my old one was you would know what BIG news that is!LOL. We were given that couch 2nd hand by my sister 11 years ago so this is the first couch we've ever bought!! It's from Ikea and it look SO GOOD!!
(Oh, and Bradley braved Ikea by himself to get the whole thing - a corner sofa and a 2-seater - and shall we just say that if ANYONE mentions going to Ikea again that our lovely new couch may just end up shoved somewhere uncomfortable!LOL)

More good news too - our footy boys won the Country Week Grand Final!! YAY - go North Midlands!! (and I'm sure there weren't any sore heads the next morning...............probably feel a bit sorry for the OBH (Ocean Beach Hotel - for non-country WA ppl!)staff for having to put up with them!)

And on a kind of scary note - we have had a diagnosed case of swine flu in our school - thought we might be safe out here but NO! Hopefully it doesn't go any further - it just a wee bit scary.........

Anyway, gotta run - thanks for reading this far!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I was GOING to update, Sandie.........lol

Ok - off to Perth tomorrow for a few days holiday - watch some country week football and shop! SO thought I'd give SOMEONE a quick update! (*cough*sandie*)
The Lo's above are for Anna's sketches (Becky Fleck sketches). The Princess one is for last month - whoops ;). I've used the new American Crafts glitter thickers and OA paper from Anna's Craft Cupboard.
And Captain Jack is for this months sketch - yes, I actually got it done in time - don't fall off your chair!
Have used Kaisercraft Skull Boi pp (that one would have to be one of my faves!), a grungeboard skull, Kaisercraft "Duchess" stamp, American Crafts lullabye thickers - you guessed it - all available from Anna's Craft.

I am absolutely loving scrapping at the moment and have been really busy, but afraid it's nothing I can share yet. SHouldn't be long though.
Oh, and I decided to send off an entry to the SM Masters again this year, so that's more stuff i can't share - but as always, dont' have high hopes - it just makes the wait more exciting if you've got a vested interest!LOL. Kind of like how I don't gamble but I have to at least "GO" for a horse on the Melbourne Cup - just to make it more exciting!LOL.
Ok - bye - see you when I get back from Perth.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annas Sketch for July & Kaiser Q1

Ok - here's the sketch for July. (even though I only got June's done yesterday!LOL) This month I'm going to be SO much more onto it!
Do a LO using this Becky Fleck sketch and upload to Anna's Craft gallery to go in the draw to win a $35 voucher including free postage.

And sorry, I don't have anything to share - but I have been a busy girl using all my Kaisercraft Q1 goodies - and LOVING every minute! Got my parcel last week and OMG - so much stuff!!
It's funny too, when you're given stuff that you wouldn't normally buy - such as the "Pina Colada" range and now I've used it I LOVE it!LOL. I've done a LO, an OTP and working on something else using it too.
But my hands down favourite item are the Duchess stamps - I'm in love.
If you want to get your hands on some Kaisercraft goodness - Anna's Craft Cupboard stock everything! (well, I think she does - it SEEMS like everything)

Will be back soon - with something of substance!LOL