Sunday, June 26, 2011


Amanda's post made me think I hadn't uploaded the last few cards I'd made - and it takes me so long to make one we wouldn't want to let that brain strain go to waste now...haha

Can you tell we've had some baby girls born here recently?? LOL. My friend named her baby Niamh - which you say Neeve - I'd NEVER seen it written like that before, so wish her luck with not getting it misspelt/misread for a while!!
*edited to add* all these cards use my seam binding which you can buy direct from me or from Anna's Craft Cupboard. Some of the colours at Anna's has sold out but she will re-stocked about mid-week. You can still order direct from me though if you are in a hurry for some.(I've sold out of the 'cream' though - more to come very shortly)


  1. Gorgeous cards!! You make it look easy :)....hehe dont like your friends chances of anyone getting that name right!!

  2. Hi Fran

    Oh wow, what an absolutely gorgeous selection of cards!!

    Gee, that is quite a name your friend has chosen........

    Michelle :-)

  3. Oh how I lOVE your stuff. I have a Scrapbook Creations mag that's overdue but I can't bear to return it, it's got some of your lovely layouts featured in it. Sigh! I'm linking you up on my blog. Deb xox

  4. These cards are stunning Fran, I love the first one.

    Congratulations on all the baby girls born lately.

  5. Gorgeous baby cards Fran!
    Alicia xx