Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seam binding ribbon - LOVE it!

I've just discovered this seam binding! I always admired it on peoples work and just had to get my hands on some. It's all crinkly (after I make it that way!LOL) and is just different to ordinary flat ribbon.
I thought other people might be wanting to get their hands on some too seeing as I was hunting around for it, and so I bought WAY more than I can ever use - scratch that - WAY more than I ever SHOULD use! ;)
SO if anyone wants some of this I will post it you - it's $2 for 2 metres, with $1.20 postage for how-ever-many you like as I can fit heaps in an envelope.
The colours I have now are:
*CREAM (quite a 'white' cream)
*BLUE (a turquoise-y blue - you can see it in the "O'Neill Side" LO HERE.)
*BLACK (haven't done an example of this one yet - but I will!!)
*PINK (kind of a 'bright' but nice pink - a "fun" pink if you will...You can see it in the top LO HERE)
*CORAL/GRECIAN PINK. This looks a lot more 'orange' in this photo but it's a beautiful vintagey corally pinky-apricot (get all that??) - you can check it out HERE

ALSO - on the way I have:
A MORE YELLOWY CREAM (champagne-y)

If you are at all interested - just flick me an email to brfstynan at bigpond dot com with your choice of colours.
You can pay by either Paypal or direct deposit - or any way thats easiest for you!


  1. just emailed my order - thanks Fran :)

  2. just emailed an order too. They look gorgeous.