Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bons is turning 1!!

And it's a great chance to celebrate with a cybercrop!! Head on over for some fab challenges - here's mine - your challenge is to make a LO for under $5 - and have a handcut title (at least partially). This is Darcy's attempt at making his own cruskit, yes, poor child is under 2 and already he has to make his own lunch - although at the rate he's eating margarine, he'll be having a heart attack before his third birthday.......... And here's a LO I did for the Chooks CC on the weekend - had to use the word colour, distressing techniques - very distressing!! and you had to colour something in - which was my word "life"
And this one is a bit older - one I did for another cc using a sketch, and oversized hand made embellishment
So all in all we're travelling pretty cruisy at the moment - no huge illnesses in the family so it's nice. Madison won a merit certificate at school the other day and they sent a letter home with her to tell me about it so I could be there - only Madison was standing over me while I read the letter and asked me what it was about as it had her name on the envelope (silly people!!) so i told her what it was about - then read the 2nd paragraph which told me my child did not know about this award!!LOL. SO I did what every good mother should do - and told her to tell a little white lie becuase mummy wasnt supposed to tell her that she was getting it - so please don't tell the teacher you know!! And she was fabulous at it!! Should I be worried??
When Bradley asked her later that day if she knew she was getting it - she said quietly "Yes, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone that" - so cute!!
Goodnight peoples (dont you love the optimism in that plural!!)

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