Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cybercrop tonight!!!

Plus it's the last day of the month so you still have a wee bit of time to enter my sketch comp over at Bons ' - and remember I'm offering a chance to get RAKed from me - just for entering!! (a non-winner drawn at random)

And in just one hour I'll be putting my challenge up over at Bons - so BE THERE!!

I'm in a wee bit of a quandary at the moment - Bradley took the kids into the Speedway (not my thing!!) at about 12.30pm - and still isn;t home - now I'm not worried. It's just all these free time is kind of freaking me out. And I'm actually getting bit stressed at how to maximise my use of this free time. Updating my blog..........possibly NOT the best use of my time.......... But what do I do - relax and wait? Scrap and then try to finish it before they get home which doesn't sound relaxing?? Not really sure - oh, but I did finish watching Blood Diamond which was kind of nice to sit down without interupptions but I got a bit fidgetty I think with NOT being interuppted. Not that I often do, but I really don't want to buy another diamond in my life!! Sad sad movie - maybe i should watch Wild Hogs to cheer myself up as that is just sitting there.
Oh, and you'd be so proud - Darcy said "Happy Feet" today - he was standing on the cover of the DVD (which he has never watched so I have no idea how he knew the name) - and yes - he was standing ON it and I was telling him to get off - and he just says "Happy Feet" - how weird is that?? So then I stopped telling him off - so I actually think it was all a ploy - and he CAN talk really well underneath it all.
He can list the entire cast of Bob the Builder but won't say Dad on command - he always says "mum" - but again, I think he just looovvees pissing Dad off!!LOL

Anyway - seeya at Bons

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  1. I too get like that when Lillee isn't here, I wonder if I should take a long hot bath, read or scrap. PMSL

    Well done to Darcy for saying "Happy Feet." Lillee has learnt to say Please, chair and outside in the last day or two.