Monday, September 3, 2007


That boy, who I definitely recall being 10 about 2 years ago - has all of a sudden turned 18. And it had me realising just how old some of my kids clothes are as Darcy is wearing Matt's clothes he wore at the same age - which I still think of not that old as I remember dressing Matt in them!! Anyway - he would not know I have a blog, so he will not read this message - he would think I struggle to turn on the computer seeing as I'm not completely up to date with Runescape or whatever you call that thing he likes to use said computer for. Anyway - happy birthday Matty - love ya!!
Here's a bit of stuff I did. (Loving my new Cats Life Press stamp that says "This is not art, I just like to make stuff") Hence the 'stuff'.............
This was done for one of the 1,2,3 cybercrop challenges to use stars, arrows and ink for some other purpose other than inking edges or stamping - so I used mine for masking.
And here's what a made for Father's Day for Bradley - he said he wanted an updated photo for his keyring - so now he's got his own mini-album - LOL!!!

Small child needing sleep.........better go deal with it!!

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