Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just another few LO's

for some cybercrops occurring this weekend. This one had to use bright colours, the word 'happy' in the title and something else that escapes me at the moment....LOL.....hang on, I'll think of it......oh, doodling - that was it!! This one is for the 1,2,3 cc challenge no?? - I tell you, I have the memory of whatever the opposite of an elephants memory is - memory of a fish maybe?? Aren't they supposed to have short memories?? Anyway, criteria being that you have to alter the photo, use rub-ons and use paint (which I did for my journalling box - in case you can't tell)
And this one was for yet another cc (all for different sites) - the challenge was to mainly use yellow - ewwww - not my cup of tea, but it was good because it made me scrap this school photo of Madison that I'd been putting off simply because I didn't like doing the black/yellow combo.

Anyway, had more chance to scrap than I thought this weekend, as we had our winter sports wind-up last night and we even got my SIL over to babysit from Geraldton, but Darcy has been sick and clingy, so I ended up pulling out at the last minute - and was glad I did as he didn't have very good night - and would've hated having to deal with that after a few drinks!!
We've got Madison's birthday this weekend, so I'm not going to scrap all week - from now on - tadah!! Not that the house is that beyond control - but I thought it would be a good excuse to really spring clean each room and do some stuff outside that needs doing like our shadecloth cover over the play area which is hanging down that far it just looks like rows of hammocks now!!LOL - if you've ever been to my house you'll know what I mean!!
Well, it is a slight exaggeration - there's only 2 bits hanging down - but still - it NEEDS doing.
Anyway - off to start my chores.
Hope you had a better day than Bradley, who is laying dying on the couch after his night out - and who, I forgot to mention (BIG WHOOPS) won Fairest and Best for the 3rd year in a row. And now for some reason, he's sick?? Funny that - must've eaten something funny?? I think not.


  1. Love the Happy Tics lo, so gorgeous. Must have been something really bad he ate, lol. :)

  2. I love all those layout Fran. If you don't tell Bradley, we won't. Lol

    Hope Darcy is okay now. Poor thing.

  3. Fran I love those LO's..... love love love the Happy Tics one.... awesome work... I just wanted you to know I have finished your LO and it will be in the post next week... BTW do you want to scraps back that are lefted over from the scraps...LOL... thanks enjoy your weekend...