Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This is just a really quick post to show you my Scrapjack LO - lucky I did it today as it's due in tonight - and I was going to leave it until tomorrow and do it at the crop!! How annoyed would I have been then - LOL. So here it is - it's a jack of a LO of Fraser Island on Jill Geraghty-Groves blog.
Bye - told you it was a quick post!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bons is turning 1!!

And it's a great chance to celebrate with a cybercrop!! Head on over for some fab challenges - here's mine - your challenge is to make a LO for under $5 - and have a handcut title (at least partially). This is Darcy's attempt at making his own cruskit, yes, poor child is under 2 and already he has to make his own lunch - although at the rate he's eating margarine, he'll be having a heart attack before his third birthday.......... And here's a LO I did for the Chooks CC on the weekend - had to use the word colour, distressing techniques - very distressing!! and you had to colour something in - which was my word "life"
And this one is a bit older - one I did for another cc using a sketch, and oversized hand made embellishment
So all in all we're travelling pretty cruisy at the moment - no huge illnesses in the family so it's nice. Madison won a merit certificate at school the other day and they sent a letter home with her to tell me about it so I could be there - only Madison was standing over me while I read the letter and asked me what it was about as it had her name on the envelope (silly people!!) so i told her what it was about - then read the 2nd paragraph which told me my child did not know about this award!!LOL. SO I did what every good mother should do - and told her to tell a little white lie becuase mummy wasnt supposed to tell her that she was getting it - so please don't tell the teacher you know!! And she was fabulous at it!! Should I be worried??
When Bradley asked her later that day if she knew she was getting it - she said quietly "Yes, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone that" - so cute!!
Goodnight peoples (dont you love the optimism in that plural!!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yay - my first time entering and I got a call from Kristy at Scrapbooking Memories to say I'd been shortlisted!! Exciting but not holding my breath for anything - would be soooo happy to get an honourable mention. AND - I didnt answer the phone when she rang - which was both good and bad - I was putting Darcy to bed and would've had to start all over if I'd answered the phone so just let it go to the machine. So 'bad' because I didn't get to talk to her that day - but good, because then I had the message on the answering machine which I let Bradley listen to!! Don't think he gets it really but he knew it must've been exciting because she said 'congratulations' lots of times!!
And then it took me another 2 days to get hold of Kristy again because she had the next day off and I so wanted to make sure it wasn't all a joke!!LOL
Now here are a few LO's - this one done for a CC using mainly a black and white colour scheme. And this one I did with a Kaisercraft Hanging Album from Bons's Scraps - and I love it - I made thsi one for me for once, to hang on MY wall!! Used the huge Buzz and Bloom alphas which made it really funky.
Just a close up - the Buzz & Bloom alphas you can get from Bons - as well as that groovy felt heart ribbon stuff - and the sprites (aqua flowers) but I think these may be sold out at the moment.
This one was done for another CC - had to use a huge photo and some chipboard ( I think that was all.........)
And this one for yet another CC - there have been 2 cybercrops each weekend for the last 2
weekend - and another 2 coming up this weekend!! And one of them is Bons - so head on over!!
The criteria for this one was to use any Basic Grey product. Also - want another easy wasy to win a prize?? No scrapping involved - just the click of a button. Just head over to Bon's and you could win a LO done by one of us DT'ers - me, Sheree or Charm - just by guessing which answer you think applies to whichever one of us. There's one question a day for 2 weeks - lots of fun!!
Anyway - off to bed now. Might write something more stimulating in my next post!!
Fran xx

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ok - well here I am just blatantly procrastinating!!! Really have to get into some scrapping but can't be bothered to think what photos I need - now that's lazy!!
Here's one of Blacky and Leahs' wedding which was my Chinese Whispers LO over at Bons' - and I'm in every group!! This was one I did back in July for a comp - had to use clear stamps so I've used Heidi ones, and 2 different sorts of Autumn Leaves ones.
And this is my first ever 1,2,3 blog entry - criteria was to use green fabric (the felt), stitching (on the heart) and something you've had in your stash for 12 months which is the KI memories stickers. Had them for quoite a whoile now...............
Better go do something intelligent - even if that something is just going to bed!! Bye
And, and nearly forgot - finished my LO for Loolabelle (aka Louise Nelson) and I'm finally happy with it - pressure, pressure to scrap a LO for someone who i think is so brilliant!! And laso joined in my first progressive challenge over at Forever Always - joining in the chat was easy - just have to do the LO now!!LOL
Now I'm off................

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oh this blog makes me laugh!!

This woman is hilarious - she makes me laugh every time she updates her blog!!
Ok, now feel like a challenge?? Well pop on over to Bon's and try out my sketch challenge for this month - here's my LO using it ...... And feel like getting into this cold weather?? Bon's theme for the month is White Winter - and this is my page for that - hope Nicole doesn't read this blog as this is a christmas present for her!! (should really stop posting presents up here but I dont think my family even know I have a blog so I'm safe!! Well, actually I told mum but she won't be able to find it.......... maybe!!)
And this was my LO for my challenge at Bons CC that finishes tomorrow night - so there's still time to enter if you're feeling keen - the criteria is to use an all PP background, a one word title and a flower that's not a pkt bought fabric or mulberry paper one.

Went to my weekly crop today and only took 2 lots of photos as loast week I didnt' even finish 1 LO - but this week I finished both LO's, painted my chipboard album ready for tomorrow night and put all my LO's into albums - AND still had time to spare!! WOW
Oh - and exciting news for my little girl - Madison went in her first sports carnival today and came 2nd in her age - so gets a silver medallion presented to her next week - how exciting!! She obviously doesn't get her skills from her mother - thank god!!