Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just some LO shares - seeing as I managed nearly 5 Lo's at my crop on Tuesday. If you've ever scrapped with me, you'll know this is a VERY rare event!LOL! (I normally stuff around forever, chat a bit - flick through magazines etc etc)

EDITED TO ADD: Forgot to mention that my husband's name is Bradley and our nieces have problems saying it - Lucy used to call him Uncle Brat (also very suitable) and Hannah has taken it to a new level calling him Uncle Bugger - very very funny....
(Most of these products are found at Anna's Craft - if you'd like to know something specific either just ask me :) or I also list the products when I upload to Anna's gallery HERE.)

Oh - and I'm SO excited for my daughter, Madison (8) - she loves scrapbooking with me and the other day she did this fabulous LO so I subbed it to SM and it got accepted!!! We will have to wait to see if it actually goes to print - but I'm so excited for her -she's at school at the moment so I have to wait ALL DAY to tell her!LOL.


  1. Gorgeous as always Fran! 5 layouts is an awesome achievement.

    And congrats to your DD! How exciting for her.

  2. Well done on 5 LO's!!! I'd be the same as you normally are and get next to nothing done. Congrats to you DD to!!!

  3. congrats Madison thats is AWESOME!!!
    and Fran 5 layouts GO GIRL!!!

    i love you layouts.... i think you need to just make me a printout book of all your layouts and send it to me so i can just copy them all :)))))

  4. love the LO's Fran, especially Uncle Bugger!!! Just showed Hannah!!! And yay Madison, so awesome !!!!

  5. LOL sounds like our crop nights (the lack of productivity that is). Love the layouts!!! And yay for your DD, look forward to seeing it when it gets published.

  6. Well done on 5 LO's, sounds like me at a crop, few magazines and not much else! LOL!

    Love your LO's...they are all great! and well done to your daughter too!

  7. Lol, I'm the same at crops, I never get anything done. But 5 layouts is awesome!

    And congrats to Madison too. That's so exciting for her!

  8. Fran your layouts are just scrumptious. I especially love the top one and the background paper you've used. Just beautiful!

    And.....Madison's success is not really surprising. I'm sure she's inherited her Mummas beautiful scrapping talent. Congrats to her....that's awesome!

    Nik xxx

  9. LOVE these Fran, they are all beautiful :) Good on you for actually scrapping at a crop day LOL...
    YAY for Madison, can't wait to see her page in print xxx

  10. Hi Fran! I have an award for you on my blog if you would like it, your work is always packed with beauty! xx Amanda

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Madison! If you are half as clever as your mum then wowee - i can't wait to see your page in print!

    Fran - LOVE the canola page. I can so relate to those photos! Love the green dot with that! And the uncle bugger page is a crack up!

    You're probably sick of me saying it but here goes again 'love your style'